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    Just off the phone there now, and got 6 months discount on packages + sports. So from £42 to £21 per month.

    "According" to Sky, I haven't changed my Sky+ box in 6 years, so was also offered a new HD box (I'm not on the HD package), but would have to pay £29.99.
    I didn't see the point in paying 30 quid for a new HD box when I got an ordinary +box last autumn on ebay for less than 20. And then there'd be the temptation of having an HD box but not being able to watch HD without paying an extra tenner. All in all, a decent 5 minutes work. £120 saved :money:

    Nice Scots woman too on the other end of the phone.
  • Just rang and spoke to a REALLY nice american lady called Jo....After explaining that my friend is getting a btter price than me (Only by £2 a month!!!!) I got 25% off my bill for 6 months, plus free line rental for 6 months on my landline. Not bad to say im already on a further discounted package after a complaint 18 months ago!! :j:beer:
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  • I just tried to reduce my package which is currently £62 a month for 4 Entertainment pack, Sky Sports, EPSN & Multi-room. Was offered £13 off for 6 months = £49 said i'd leave it for the moment and work out the figures & call them back. Whats the telephone number to call, i used 0844 2414141
  • I phoned a scots lad in May last year. I wanted to drop Sky TV but keep broadband and landline phone. He gave me a 50% discount for 6 months on the TV package, telling me that I could not drop TV and still keep broadband/landline.
    I've tried a few times this week to get through to 'Retentions' but there are only so many times I want to wait for an estimated 10 minutes on 'hold.' I've only just come across this new thread. If you haggle you will get a discount. However, I think I'd rather drop Sky TV package and go for something in a Freesat box, like a Humax make, which connects to the dish anyway. Sky made a profit of 1 Billion GBP pounds recently, and their discounts are a drop in the ocean.
    I don't begrudge them for making a profit, they are not a charity, it's just that my personal financial circumstances are now making me look very closely at our monthly outlay.
    I'll ring them up and see what happens, and then I'll get back to you.:)
  • I've had a good chat with a lovely helpful lady called Helen.
    (I won't bore you with my personal financial belt tightening in the thread) but I did explain to Helen that we really do want to see if there is anything that can be done.

    I was quite prepared to cancel my TV package. Helen discussed the situation and has given me a 50% discount over the next 6 months. Also, if we move house, there will be no additional fees to pay either.

    I suspect that there are thousands of customers who are in the same boat with regard to cutting back on their expenditure.

    The phone call was made after 7:00pm, therefore it was a free call too. I had to wait for 12 minutes before I was able to speak to Helen. Don't be put off by a bit of a wait.:)
  • :money: Having Sky put up my monthly charge again without even notifying me, and all the endless repeat programmes I thought enough is enough and bought a free sat Humax 320gb receiver which you plug straight into the Sky dish and get over 200 channels including all BBc. ITV etc as well as HD {which is much clearer than the Sky + box} All FREE.. Ok you dont get Sky sports but there are sports channels from other countries and my team isnt always on so it doesn't worry me that much to go without...But you can do all the things that the Sky+box does.. record, pause, rewind etc.. I paid £214 for it .. which considering it's a one off payment as opposed to yearly rental of {£60x12} £720 its cheap even if I only use it for a year.. Worth considering dont you think? If you dont watch sports then it definitely is...Sky can take a run and jump..
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    Hi there,

    At the moment I have sky TV, and have Plusnet phone and broadband.
    If I decided to change my phone and broadband to sky as well, would I be classified as a new customer or existing customer.
    If I am classified as an existing customer does anyone know how I can get a good deal by switching all to sky.

  • Thank Martin!

    I read your e-mail at 20.30pm this evening and by 20.50pm I had saved myself £18.02 per month! I now have:- Sky TV (with 4 add-ons), Broadband, Unlimited calls AND line rental for £18.02 a month for the next 6 months! They slashed it in half when I said I was going to Virgin Media!

    Just a note to anyone thinking of calling Sky to do the same thing.........The first person you speak to will tell you that there are no current offers for exisiting customers and they cannot do anything! If you just say "that's a shame, could you please put me through to cancellations, so I can discuss closing my account?" They will then transfer you (after saying you will have a 10 minute wait! I suppose they want you to give up at that stage!) The next person you speak to will say "Oh, it's good you called this evening, as we have some deals available tonight!" My 3 friends have tried the same technique and the same thing has happened for all of us! HALF PRICE EVERYTHING FOR 6 MONTHS! Thanks Again!
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    :money: I bought a free sat Humax 320gb receiver I paid £214 for it .. Worth considering dont you think?

    Where did you buy the Humax? I've found it for £249 so far.
  • I've just finished talking to SKY. The number I phoned was 08442 414 141 and spoke to a very helpful and friendly Scottish chap. I told him I was wanting to cancel my HD subscription as I didnt think it was worth an extra £10.25 a year. I didnt get offered a 50% discount for 6 months but they have given me HD subscription free for 12 months. Works out as a saving of £123.00 so I'm quite happy.
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