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Specialist Ethnic Travel Agents Discussion

edited 15 June 2010 at 9:03AM in Overseas holidays & travel planning
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  • aularegis wrote: »
    I did find a fairly new website:

    it's one to watch, I found a great flight deal for going to Berlin from London Heathrow yesterday, which I booked!


    Yes its one to watch- carefully.

    Checked prices from Edinburgh to MUMBAI.
    Got a great deal for Edinburgh to DUBAI.:p
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    sunflowersuffolksunflowersuffolk Forumite
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    Please can any expert help. Sudden wedding means I have to fly to Brisbane on about 27 Jan 2011, then across to Perth about 10 February, then home from Perth about 18 February, for 2 adults.

    So far cheapest I can get is £971 incl with Emirates from Gatwick but NOT with internal flight.
    Flying from London - dates flexible by couple of days.

    Can anyone suggest good options at this late stage please?

    I have trouble using the web checkers as they seem to just come and go from one airport.

  • If you book via 28Jan to 17 feb straight forward Lon to Brisbane RTN £715 Royal Brunai. or back on 20Feb £740 Then book internal RTN Brisbane-Perth-Brisbane with $270AUD (aprox £235)
  • Hi

    Can anyone suggest a good company for budget tours of China please?

    We're thinking of going for between 2 and 3 weeks and want to see as much as possible. We usually travel independently but I don't think I could get my head round the red tape, language barrier etc to see enough in that time so I'm resorting to an organised tour for the first time ever!

    All the tours I've found seem to stay in 4 star accommodation but we usually rough it quite a bit more than that. However we're a late 30s/early 40s married couple so we'd probably be a bit out of place on a backpacker, singles type tour! :rotfl:

    Any suggestions gratefully received!

  • pKaTzpKaTz Forumite
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    i am looking to go to india ATQ from BHX 25/02/2011 back on 19/03/2011.
    Since I last looked before Xmas, the online prices have gone up.
    Which flight checkers do you recommend?

    Some of the flights take 21 - 26 hours, as this included stops and flight changes in ie., Delhi, and Dubai.

    If the stops are for 3-5 hours at Dubai and Delhi, would I get the chance to look around the airport, or would I have to stay on the plane?
  • Yes AirAsia are good for anywhere in Asia Pacific area most destinations are via Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, their base. I've flown twice from Stanstead with them, a cheap way to Thailand :) and no middle-east stop-over. Cheapest flight I had was STN-KUL £91! Price for baggage and food is reasonable if you book ahead. There's a route map on their site.
  • If you book via our website 1 Feb to 31 Dec 2011 with Cathay Pacific £630. For More China Flights deals calls us our UK toll free no 0800 368 5013
  • jacks993jacks993 Forumite
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    Has anyone ever used please?

    They seem to have the best flights to India in August when I want to go but their website looks a bit basic and some of the links don't work. How do I know if they're genuine?

    Thanks for any advice!
  • mary-opmary-op Forumite
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    Am trying to find cheapest flight from Heathrow,Gatwick or Manchester to Lagos Nigeria for end of October returning January.
    Cheapest I can find so far has been £600-£700
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

    (previously known as mary43)
  • Jansong wrote: »
    Can anyone recommend somewhere specialising in flights to Uganda? Going in August, flying from London. Tried the screenscrapers etc - wonder if there's a way of prising cost down further...
    thanks for any suggestions
    Did you find any specialist travel agents for cheap flights to Uganda?
    We're going in September 2012 so any advice would be great.
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