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    At the bottom of the freezer have you got a pull out lip?

    If so pull this out and have a bowl underneath to catch the water/ice as it melts.

    Have a towel underneath the bowl to catch any water that misses.

    I use an electric paint stripper contstantly moving and defrost ours in about 20 minutes.

    If you haven't got the pull out bit I am not too sure what you can do.

    Good luck
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    mine is an integrated fridge/freezer

    I stack everything from the freezer in bags close together and I then cover the lot with a blanket

    I pull all the drawers out and put bowls of boiling water on the shelves. I don`t have a pull-out lip so I stand there and pick off as much ice as I can, I also use a bendy silicone spatula to help. I put an empty bowl on the bottom and also use towels and kitchen roll

    I manage the de-frosting ok and it takes no more than half an hour but it is quite an intensive half hour and the floor doesn`t get wet
  • Just don't use a hammer and chisel :rolleyes:. That little experiment cost me the price of a new freezer :o

    I admit to using a hairdryer now although it's not exactly recommended to have an electrical appliance so close to so much water. I use a hairdryer on wet hair and so far have managed not to electrocute myself ;)
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  • I'm in the middle of defrosting my upright freezer.
    As usual it's taking forever as it was so bad. :eek:
    How frequently do you organised OSers do yours?
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    I have two freezers and I tend to do one a month so they get done every other month, I used to do it about once a year and it was an all day job to do the two then. I normally empty and switch it off first thing and then put a bowl of boiling water inside, then I leave it with the door open and something to catch the water (large roasting tin). I come back to it at lunchtime and normally just have to give it a wipe out then and switch back on

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    When the ice starts eating whatever I put in the freezer :D

    I do cheat when defrosting and use a heat gun pointed at the freezer (after it's been off for about 1/2 hour, this is just to loosen the ice then I can attack it with a fish slice. Perhaps I'm just impatient? :confused: Anyway, seems to work and the food isn't out of the freezer too long.

    Note: Keep the heat gun away from any water and don't get your hands wet!
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  • A small hand held steamer (or failing that a full size wall paper steamer) speeds things up no end. We tend to do ours about once a year although it probably really needs it every 6 months. With bowls of hot water and a steamer I can get it turned back on within an hour of turning off.
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    I have two freezers and both are desperateley in need of defrosting :eek: they havent been done since last summer. We're trying to run them down at the moment, but after doing a quick inventory, its probably going to take us about a fortnight to get them emptied. Its gonna save us some money on shopping though :j
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    I aim to do mine in the spring and autumn. This way I get it sorted before winter and Christmas, when I need to have good stocks of essentials as I cannot go out shopping in bad weather, and I get to clear it out at the end of winter too. I find a hairdryer helps with any build up of ice.
  • I aim to do mine in the spring and autumn. I find a hairdryer helps with any build up of ice.

    The hairdryer was my final weapon :D

    Got a nasty feeling that I gave up before it was completely clear last time so the ice right at the back was REALLY hard.
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