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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Greetings you fellow food budget batterers! My current total stands at £68 but it's not the end of the month yet.... However...

    _party__party_ YEE HAH!!! _party__party_

    That is half of what I thought I might be looking at for a month. Next time (which will be March as I'm off for a big chunk of Feb), I'll try to improve on the £70! If I save on the basic food bill that gives me more lolly for getting jolly!
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  • Hi everyone :D Have got £20 left until 31st so need to be careful, I only need milk, bread and fresh fruit and veg so I'll be fine, just need to think carefully before I spend. I have more than halved my grocery budget this month (compared to what i would normally spend willy-nilly) which i still can't believe! Anyway, will need to get some stuff tomorrow, but that will have to be all until next week :eek: Wish me luck!
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    A*** delivery arrived total cost £65.71. That leaves me with £11.13 in budget. Did also have two items missing so have mailed them so hoping that they will refund these, I've not had anyhting missing with them before so don't know whether they usually do this?
    I need to get a few bits from L**L tomorrow - Ham, milk, squash. Would really like to stock up on extra milk for the freezer but I don't want to go over the budget so will only buy what I can with what's left! My month follows calendar month so through to next Monday. I'm a bit anxious about spending all remaining money tomorrow in case I've forgotten anything!

    Need to have a think about what to set for Feb. We have budgetted £500 per month in our yearly budget but it is a shorter month and we will be away for a week. May use some of the budget towards holiday spends as the holiday budget is looking pretty tight! Will have a ponder ...
  • I think i might make my feb target £30-thats just for me :P i still have a cupboard full of stuff(going away for a long weekend-not included ) and and if i was really stretching myself i could make do with whats there and only need to buy milk/eggs for making bread for the month.
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  • MummyEm wrote: »
    A*** delivery arrived total cost £65.71. That leaves me with £11.87 in budget. Did also have two items missing so have mailed them so hoping that they will refund these, I've not had anyhting missing with them before so don't know whether they usually do this?
    QUOTE]this does happen occasionally-when deliverys are done in the morning someone will put together all the produce items,another will do bakery etc..
    i dont know if u asked for a refund in your email but either they will refund you direct or you might get a phonecall from the store asking what you want to do-either pick up in store or sometimes if they have another delivery out your way they might offer to deliver it later.
    £365 a year spend challenge - this has included food/clothes/beauty?? who knows where I am
    20,000 step a day challenge
  • Hi everyone :wave:

    :hugs: to everyone that are having a hard time

    Another NSD today for me, hoping for another one tomorrow as I dont need anything.

    Just a reminder to the people that shop at Mr As dont forget to check your reciepts (and any others that you might find left laying around) on there site for the 10% back guarantee offer.

    3 of the 5 reciepts that I found in trolleys gave me back nearly £5.00 :T not bad as I only nipped in for a couple of items late on saturday nite.
    I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. :)

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  • MummyEm wrote: »
    Just a note on the dishwasher tablets as everyone seems to be talking about Finish. I tried DW tablets from Lidl this week - W5 Dishwasher tablets all in one. I decided to try these as budget wouldn't stretch to Finish this time. I am completely sold on them and am recommending them to everyone I know. I was very much a one brand lady when it came to the dishwasher but not anymore! Considerably cheaper, and doing a great job. I have as yet to remove anything that hasn't been washed properly, glass is very clear, no overpowering smell which I don't like much either.

    Hope this helps someone

    I use these too. They came out 1st in tests - can't remember where I read it. Dishes always come out spotless and fresh.

    I do ocassionally buy Finish, but only when on 'very special offer' ;) (sometimes in HomeBargs)
  • I use Lidl DW TAbs too - never had a problem with them and I absolutely refuse to pay the prices others charge - I'd rather get rid of the DW!!!

    I told DH tonight that the Feb budget was £150, its not really, but he doesn't need to know that! I'll keep it at £250 for Feb as we need to see what we are spending for more than 1 month before I start to reign it back in and cut it back.

    DH has spent yesterday afternoon and all today taking up flooring in the Landing and our Bedroom and its been a nightmare so I popped out and got him some beer as a reward - he worked really hard today and I was of little help, I am now the best wife ever lol

    Happy no spending and sleep well

    Helen x
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  • well although i didnt take part this month, i sent hubby to shop today for some bread flour, yeast, 1 x leek, 1 x tin toms and 1 x tin beans.

    he actually only bought was was on the list. amazing.

    Budget for Feb is £150 please
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    Before you even begin, go for a wee, if you don't need, wait till you do. Then start. Make sure your family are not going to be under your feet. DONT answer the phone.
    I did none of the above and disaster struck.

    Remember this was my VERY first time making marmalade.

    I had my £1 bag of Oranges from A**A
    My 2 for £1 bags of Sugar from T***O

    I sat happily juicing the oranges, and finely slicing the peel. Does the juice go in as well I wondered, well it does in mine. How many Oranges??? I had a whole bag. I peered in the pot WOW! thats a lot, so I stopped chopping, there was one whole orange left. I put some water in the pot and brought it to the boil, half an hour later I had a wee look, all was well, I added the sugar 1 bag at first, stirred it around and decided to add half a bag more.
    It hadn't come to the boil yet, when I realised I had to go to the loo NOW! I was just on my way back to the kitchen when the door went. Daughter no 2 with sleeping baby. I opened the door helped her in , then the phone rang. One of those cold callers AAAAH!
    Got back to the kitchen to find my husband with a bucket full of water at the sink. As I got to the cooker the pot boiled over, covering the cooker, units and floor with marmalade, I lifted the pot off the cooker turned to the sink , put my foot in the bucket of water, and promptly knocked it over. My husband set too clearing it up and I cleaned the outside of the pot, I then turned to the cooker and started mopping the marmalade up, the kitchen was filled with smoke, the smoke alarm went off in the kitchen, then the one in the hall, then the baby got a fright and woke up screaming. My husband is running around looking for a broom to poke the smoke alarms with, and I'm standing at the cooker stirring the marmalade on another ring while the smoke was still belching from the cooker.
    "WHAT are you doing he shouted, yer a bloody nutter" , "Canny stop the noo, the marmalade must be near setting point" I told him."
    A little later I put it in the jars, what was left of it LOL, must have been about half of what I should have had. Good job I added the extra sugar I thought or I'd have had none!

    Anyway as the marmalade cooled down and the cooker was all cleaned, the baby back asleep, I put the kettle on and some toast, my daughter was in hysterics, my OH was sitting in the other room waiting on his lunch. "Your not giving him toast and marmalade are you?" she said. "Of course I am " I said "He loves it",
    "Oh! I don't know about that mum I think it might be the LAST thing he wants right now.
    I took it through to him , he burst out laughing when he saw the plate and said "How can ye no buy marmalade like normal wummin".
    "Well I wont be buying anymore" I told him, its so easy to make your own.

    How I ended up with something even remotely edible after all that I'll never know.

    I don't think this is one for the recipe collection eh? ROTFLMAO! :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    I forgot to tell you I had to throw my slippers out, one was soaking wet and the other all sticky, they were on their last legs anyway.
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