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For the first time in the four years we have been in business we have got a dodgy customer. That is the work has been done and the customer paid a cheque and then cancelled it. When asked why they said although they are happy with the work they are not prepared to pay the full amount of nearly £1000. Their argument is that they were quoted a price of much less. My husband did give them an estimate ( couldn't give a definate quote as customer was unsure exactly what they wanted) but as the job progressed they changed their mind several times as to what they required and my husband made it clear that this extra work was not included in the original estimate. The trouble is my husband is very kind hearted and does his very best to please his customers and I think they have taken advantage of his good nature. It is certainly a lesson learnt, but can anyone advise us as the best way to get them to pay the bill. We are thinking about a small claims court. I would be grateful for any advice.
p.s. These people are very wealthy, I supose because they rip off hard working honest people. :mad:


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    I know people have posted their experience of small claims court elsewhere on the site and generally I think they've found it not too daunting. If you are sure the people can afford to pay that could be the way to go: my understanding is that it's a less worthwhile course of action if the money is not there to be paid.

    But what a bummer. You might not mind so much if they had tried to negotiate before writing a cheque and then cancelling it: it does sound like a try-on. I presume your husband has written to them and itemised the work he ended up doing, stated that he said all along it wasn't in his original estimate etc. Another letter to say he will go to small claims court if bill unpaid might be worthwhile.
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  • Thanks for your reply. Yes we have written (recorded del) to them and given them 7 days to pay and a copy of the invoice which itemises all the work.
    I wonder how many times they've pulled this stunt. No wonder they are so wealthy.
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    You have my sympathy - had a client that did the same but soon paid up when threaten with court!!! Good luck, let us know how you get on.
  • I have used this free online debt recovery system. You can have a solicitors letter sent for free. I was a solicitor in a former life and if my memory is right just by paying the cheque they have admitted the debt, so your chances should be good. Good luck!
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