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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks for the gingerbread man recipe Equilibrium! Something I've always wanted to make with the children, but they do it at their grandparents' house so I haven't bothered up til now. Seems easy so will give it a go!

    Spent £6.06 today in T. Got some fruit as had run out, and then got some bread and milk while I was there. Two loaves of bread - one normal white, nice brand but can't remember which! down to 34p, and a really nice seeded loaf for me as ch don't like for 21p. Bargain! Although I've been on and off here for 2 years now, this is the first month where I've enjoyed the challenge and taken it more seriously. Think I've had my LBM!! :j:j:j Will need to be living from freezers and storecupboard form now on though, as not many pennies left!

    Children had tuna pasta for dinner, one of my storecupboard faves, and ! had a jacket potato with salad nomnom. Feeling very virtuous, as I've lost half a stone since Christmas woop woop! (Only another 2 and a half to go!!) Off now to clear up, put the dishwasher on and then settle down with my book again. Will need to do sooo much housework when I've finished the book!

    Night all,
    PG x
    Grocery challenge for family of three - me, dd(12) and ds(11), feeding dp 2 or 3 x a week too. Only food, not toiletries. Jan £87.97/£100 Feb £0/£100
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    Equilibrium your delish Gingerbread Men recipe is in the index, thanks ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • I declare that I have gone way over this month :( and we don't have all the receipts so can't get an exact figure :(

    There is always next month, but think I'm gona try weekly rather then monthly as having that much money to think about in one go is not good. Feel like giving up all together and its only January.

    Anyway hope the rest of you are doing better.
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    I keep having a quick read but not updating. I really should as it helps me keep on top of everything. I have found most of the receipts - just need the most recent ones from OH and to find out what he's spent on food for work. With having the DDs off school and playgroup, and me feeling poo too I've not got out of bed in the morning to make him any sandwiches (he doesn't leave himself enough time in the mornings as he's uaually packaging up blu rays and dvds he's sold on a 'media' forum, and he doesn't particularly like sarnies made the night before) so he's been buying a sandwich - he has other pack up things to take, just no sandwiches.

    Although I know there are 11 days left this month I think I'm on track for this month (£10 a day x 31 = £310), as from the receipts I've added up so far was under £200. 3 sick days with the kids = no spend days for me as haven't left the house, and today is the first day this week OH had to bring home milk and fruit. A nice cheap week so far :)
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  • Well done to all who are still in budget.

    As you can see from my sig, I have to have 11 NSD if I wanted to meet the challenge. I'll be honest, hold my hands up now and say it's 'not gonna happen'. However, I'm not down about it as I feel that I have kicked myself into gear by cooking healthier dishes for myself. I have learn't a few more recipes. I have lost weight. Have a beautiful red slow cooker which will save me calories and time for when my studies absorb all my time. (Made potato, cheese, onion, sweetcorn and tomato patties tonight :-)
    Your tips and advice has helped me reduce my mortgage (which I must do before the interest rate goes back up).
    So a huge thank you to you all.

    Next month, I'll add a tenner to the challenge - there is less cupboard food remember but I suppose there's only 28 days instead of 31. I think £60 is a realistic target for me.


    PS: 10% of £50 is £55 so I won't have a spending splurge and go grossly over my set challenge. NSD tomorrow - me thinks :-)
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    Grocery challenge January 2011 - £50.91 / £50(+5%)
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  • Just wanted to say hello I joined in November and did ok completely lost the plot in December and am trying to get sorted thinking of January as a getting phyced (sp) up and am going to join whole heartedly into the February Grocery Challenge.

    Got some great whoopsies tonight that really spurred me on roll on 1st feb

    Well done all of you you are an inspiration.....
    Determined to do better
  • Thanks for the warm welcome back :-)

    By my reckoning my grocery spends so far this month come to about £48.27. I will update my signature shortly.
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
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    1 in piece root ginger, chopped finely (or 2 teaspoons jar or dried)
    3 Garlic Cloves, chopped finely (or 2 teaspoons jar or powdered)
    chili fresh (dried or powdered)
    2 tablespoons oil groundnut/sunflower/ olive oil or a mix of these.
    Fry all the above then add...
    1 Onion (chopped)
    If the food sticks to the pan add a little water to free it.

    Small piece Steak I used fillet, (cut into strips marinade in Soy Sauce)
    If using raw steak add this now. (move around till cooked, then remove from pan).

    Leftover Roast Beef
    Leftover Chicken
    Leftover Ham
    Leftover Pork
    Choose any of above, add near the end of cooking

    Carrot (chopped)
    Pepper (chopped)
    Use up any veg you have, mange tout, green beans, courgette, cabbage etc, frozen peas, sweetcorn.
    Stir fry above.
    If your using prawns add them now.

    Cook the following separately
    Mushrooms (cook under grill in pan with a nob of butter)
    2 eggs beaten with a little milk cook in same pan you made the mushrooms in (don't cook with the mushrooms).

    If your using noodles stir fry veg packs with bean sprouts are good.
    Bean sprouts and any veg you have will do.
    Amoy Straight to wok are good or any cooked noodles you have.
    Add the meat, mushrooms & cooked egg.
    Garnish with spring onions and coriander, a little chinese 5 spice, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt if liked.

    If making fried rice, cook the rice. 1/2 cup per person. Add the rice to the pan of cooked veg, add the cooked egg.
    Garnish with spring onions, add soy sauce, and coriander.

    I like making both these dishes with a variety of different coloured veg, they look amazing and taste delicious, are quick and easy to cook.
    I keep little bags of chopped up leftover meats/veg in the freezer.
    You don't need much meat. For Veggie option no meat LOL.

    Its a great way of using up vegetables (even cooked leftover ones), at a push you can even make the fried rice with onions and a few eggs, I do this quite often with leftover rice for quick lunches.

    I had a look at what I spent the last 4 Januarys between £500- £700
    So my budget of £200 for this year was much less than I usually spend, so I am VERY pleased with my progress.

    Forgot to tell you, when I'm serving up a roast I always cut a slice for the freezer, chop it up and wrap in a little cling film. I keep a zip up freezer bag that put them all in. I always put it in the same place in the freezer , it saves rummaging around looking for wee packages. you can freeze leftover rice too. i usually put that in a zippy bag too, take it out when its partly frozen and break up the grains.
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    Hi everyone,
    Hope I'm not too late in joining in, but would like to join your thread, have read a lot of your comments and got some good tips, (like the seperate purse for grocery shopping idea)
    Currently on Maternity leave so my income has dropped, so need all the help I can get.
    I know not long of January left, but need to cut back spending, I think this could help.
    Have already spent approx £309 this month on food and toiletries, inc 2 cats and a baby. Just had T**co delivery today which is included in that, so would hope to spend no more than £350.00 in total, by the 31st and then reduce that for Febuary. Didn't realise how much I spent till I added it up!!
    Wish me luck!!
    :T 2015 TARGETS :T
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  • Happy Friday All!!!

    I'm declaring £248.52 for Jan:mad: my month runs from 21st - 21st.
    Over budget but considering that I would normally spend £200 alone just on groceries (for 2 of us!) without adding cleaning products & cat food to the mix!! So am chuffed:)

    Wish everyone luck for the rest of the months challenge and coming in under budget!:D

    Have a good day everyone x
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