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  • Moved from AOL May '06. Think I got in before the rush. Been really happy with the service. HAd a problem recently but that turned out to be my BT telephone socket! Problems have been few and far between, which is just as well because I get the impression the 'Technical Dept' in India are reading the faults from a list....
    Still for £20 per month, who's complaining!:T
  • We were with Talk Talk 3 but had line rental with BT. We then decided to go for the free broadband offer in November which meant line rental going to Car Phone Warehouse. Since moving line rental to CPW the quality of our line is really poor. On occasions I'm barely able to hear the person on the other end of the phone! (Fine when we were with BT!!). We are yet to be connected to the broadband (our 'Go-Live date was 31 Dec 06). Currently with Orange until the cutover but broadband drops off VERY frequently. Can I cancel this 'contract' and return to origianal providers?
  • Yopu are missing some options on your poll. I've had it for about 6 months now, and while the connection etc is acceptable, the customer service is crap
    Nice to save.
  • I am Very Happy with Talktalk had tremendous problems getting on with them because my previous provider would not give me a valid MAC Code.

    But Talktalk & Ofcom sorted it and since then i have been a very happy bunny, i have had problems with my phone line but they are very good with the customer service and kept me informed by text to my mobile of how long it would be not working correctly they sorted it so that all my calls diverted through to my mobile at no extra cost to me.
    i find the costs very good i phone international at no cost at all for up to an hour Great Way to keep in touch.
  • I have been with talktalk for over 6 months, customer service is non existant-continually have to speak to someone in India who continually spouts"I understand you", when they couldn't be any further from the truth. Still waiting for a refund for the £29.99 modem I didn't receive.
  • Applied for Broadband with Talk Talk back in June/July 06. Eventually received my 'go live' date, which was to be 1st Oct 06. Three months later I'm still not connected. After making several phone calls to the technical team I'm no further forward. Each technical advisor I've spoken to seems to repeat everything that the previous advisor said! They've been no help whatsoever. I'm finding it all very frustrating and annoying, particularly as I've been held in their telephone queueing system for up to 35 minutes a time (which, no doubt, I would be paying for) to be left still using dial-up connection. I informed Talk Talk that I would not pay for the modem they sent until they sorted out the connection problems but they took the money from my bank account regardless. I'm not impressed with the service I've been receiving and I'm now seriously considering using BT - I'd rather pay the extra charges so as to receive decent customer service.
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    i hwas with talk talk before they went free on broadband i signed up with then from day one have had no problems and think they are great dont like to hear them being slagged off so wanted to redress the balance somewhat
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    i hwas with talk talk before they went free on broadband i signed up with then from day one have had no problems and think they are great dont like to hear them being slagged off so wanted to redress the balance somewhat
    Looking at the latest on the poll, it appears to be just that the approximately 40% who are dissatisfied feel the need to vent their anger more than the approximately 60% who are not feel the need to offer praise.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • I signed up in November 06 - Phoneline great.. no problems whatsoever.

    Broadband 'go - live' date was estimated to be 21st December 06. Still waiting.

    Telephoned India on several occasions to be misinformed every step of the way including:-
    1. "...the date 21st December that we quoted is when your modem will be posted out"
    2. " probably won't need a MAC code"
    3. "....sorry sir, what my colleague stated was incorrect - get a MAC code immediately and you'll be up and running in between 10 and 15 days from when you give this to us"
    4. You don't appear to have a broadband account set up with us - due to the length of delay, I will pass this to our 'investigations team' who will look into your case and I promise they will call you back within 5 working days...."

    Just before the "...5 working days" were up I telephoned them again yesterday and was told that "....I understand your situation, please bear with us and you will be connected soon - our investigations team don't phone customers direct though...."

    I dug further and after about 30 minutes of me 'calmly' ranting at the guy on the helpline I insisted on speaking with his manager so we could actually find out the REAL situation, only to find that there STILL wasn't a broadband account set up for me!
    Again, I 'calmly' blew my top at them and went through the details - it appears that the only way Helpline can contact the people who sort everything out is by email. The manager agreed that I had been lied to every step of the way and even admitted that there was NO such thing as the investigations team!

    To be fair, he was helpful enough and insisted that he would personally steer my 'good ship free broadband' through to the end. He promised it would all be finally sorted once and for all by 8th Feb at the latest (and also credit my account with the additional £12 that Orange will be charging me for requesting a second MAC code) - the fool that I am, I'm inclined to believe him - I won't be holding my breath however.........
  • Was never able to connect to TalkTalk broadband - had to go through Ofcom to get refund of connection fee and refund of £20, for getting PC checked after TalkTalk told me my PC was at fault. Signed up with BT, using existing PC - connected, no problem!
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