January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    MrsRogers wrote: »
    I always check and as fingersxed says it really does pay to check.. spotted a couple of errors now in total.

    Me too. It takes a while with the online shopping as the substitutes and the weights make it a bit difficult. But it gets easier. I usually do a copy and paste in Word of the items with the prices, then I just "search" (Ctrl+F) for the item in the order that appear in my receipt and check the amount. I had to call a few times, but Sainsb only refunded differences :( I used Sains because of their free delivery if over £100 and between Tues-Thurs.

    If I buy in the shop (which I do now) I go around with the calculator I have in my mobile and add all the exact prices, if the till tells me something different I double check what's wrong. It has made my shopping also easier. Before going I tell myself the limit I have for the whole shop (like £40 or £50) and the limit within that for treats that are not strictly needed (usually £5). Then if I go over whilst walking around I decide what I should take out of the trolley before taking anything else in. I am managing quite well with that system. It means I put back things in the shelves sometimes but it helps me to prioritize.

    kahunababy wrote: »
    I have started doing online shopping again which not only means that I can use As*A (the store that delivers to my area is out of the way so always use the local Tes*cs) but I also don't end up spending a huge amount on stuff I don't need.

    Not sure if anyone seen my post earlier but in it I mentioned doing a June box. Basically I will be putting bis away so come June I can have a virtually spend free month [...]

    Oh, I do exactly the opposite lol :D If I buy online I buy loads of food just because I do not have to carry it, like loads of tins, soups, pasta sauce, milk and soft drinks. I know go myself on my own and use the tram. OH has car and has suggested to drive there but I turned it down because if I do that I will be stocking up again. This way I only take back what I can carry in the tram and the short walk home. And because I go on my own I do not rely on his strength either. OH thought it was funny and laughed lol. But it honestly helps. Every time I go and it's heavy I remind myself to buy less next time. I am not buying things in bulk but I am managing better the budget. Any other month at this time I would have spent £250 easily and I would be preparing another main shopping by the end of next week. :eek: I am aiming to have £5 meals for two, and I am being quite good atm. Today we had 2 rib racks from Morris' (£2.70 both) plus rice (£0.25 pro-rata lol), plus vegetables (frozen, £0.15 baby carrots and £0.10 peas), salt, pepper and sunflower oil (£0.10 I guess, 2 big spoons). Tap water to drink. Lol Total spent= £3.30 for two, which for me it is a success. :o
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    Hi All,
    My shopping has been a little more restrained this week, managed a few more NSD's. I have stocked up on some more offers such as the ICBINB at MrMs. I'm going to tweak the meal plan a little for next week or else I'll have to get a few more things, which I really want to avoid. My freezer is still really full, although at least its not all jammed in there now! the fridge is now getting back to normal, following the Xmas period.
    This year I'm counting any takeaways in with the GC, we haven't had takeaway in ages, but this week we've had two. So, I've got to ensure that that doesn't become a regular occurence (i'm easily led, lol)
    Also, I really need to get back to using my remoska to its full potential, especially now the leccy has gone up in price!

    Have a good week everyone x
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    Going by the number of posts, the forum board was back a lot earlier than I thought. I've only just checked now.

    Oh well - at least I've cleaned the house well - my flat was due for it's 3 month inspection by the agency, and it's now sparkling due to having no distractions. The contract is up for renewal and I've said I want to renew, so I hope the landlord agrees/doesn't want to up the price _pale_

    I spent 69p on some sour cream today in Costc*tter, because I used a green chilli instead of red chilli for my meal tonight and lets just say it had more than a kick than expected!!! :rotfl:

    Good to see so many new faces here. It helps when there are more people egging me on, because, even though I've not been as successful as I would like, I'm trying (and that counts right?), and would spend more if I didn't come here. I've nearly finished paying off my debt, and my aim was to stay until it had been paid off. Now, I can't imagine not being here, because it's about a long term change about how you think about money, and keeping track. Staying here will hopefully keep me out of debt and start saving. :T

    So...I'm afraid I'm with you all for the long haul! :rotfl:
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    Great post NickJK ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Foodwise - excellent
    Buying stuff with the money in my purse - diabolical

    Today I bought a yoghurt muesli thing for my breakfast - was out al day and running late so no time befor I left the house - it was £1 but part of a meal deal. As I didn't need the sandwiches or the drink I saved myself £2.

    On the way home, stopped off in the same shop again and got 4 chicken breasts for £3.75, reduced from £7.50, a korma sauce for 54p (maybe 57p I'll check tomorrow) and 3 bulbs of garlic for 50p coz I don't have any.

    Yesterday I discovered that there is a B&M in Newport "city" centre. I knew there was one, along with Home Bargains on a retail park outside the centre, but as I don't drive thought it was unlikely I'd be able to visit very often. So I had a bit of a wander and bought a tin of condensed mushroom soup for about 50p, it was either 49 or 59 (again I will check tomorrow) and then when I got home made a chicken pie with the remants of the chicken left in the fridge, some of the ready to roll pastry that I bought on offer before Christmas, and the soup.

    Just need to control my non-essential spending, but at least I'm in grocery challenge thread, not frugal living one at the moment.:j
  • Am adding a £4.00 grocery spend to my total for 3 bottles of coke. I also bought myself a new mobile when out at te$cos it something I wanted for a while so dont feel too guilty but its obv not included in grocery budget phone plus top up gave me 328 points for my feb statement
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    Spent quite a bit yesterday. Around £60 in Mr T and same again in L**L. Quite a lot but did buy a lot for stocks. We've also had a chest freezer delivered this week which I'm slowly trying to fill with whoopsies, milk etc.
    The plan is to fill freezer with months worth of milk at a time as this is one of the only things we still have to do top ups for. Will be growing more veg this year and will now have somewhere to store it for the year! I am going to investigate bulk buying meat from butchers. I don't mind if this is a little more expensive than SM as quality is just so much better.
    For us, the GC is not about spending the least amount possible but being controlled in our spending so that we get the best quality, healthy, balanced diet that we can afford.
    I am also going to investigate veg/fruit boxes but not sure whether I would use all the 'randomn' veg that we wouldn't normally buy! I am not fussy and would eat anything, DH is good about most things but only certain veg.

    Will update sig later once I've checked and added receipts, probably at around £330. Should be ok for rest fo the month if I'm careful as DH is away this week and we have quite a bit in freezer for the following week.

    P.s. sorry for the long post!
  • Morning All
    Just an update on progress. I managed to get Activia 8 pack yogs for lunches from Saino's yest at half price £1-47,so bought two lots. Should be ok with the long dates.
    Half way through the month and I've only spent £16-43 on food, can't believe it. It's amazing what a bit of forethought does. Doing a cook up today.
    Keep it up peeps.
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  • Morning Everyone!

    Just a few spends to update on from yesterday

    Sainsbugs - Schwepps Lemonade £1.15
    BE Fishcakes 78p
    Clover £1.75
    9xAndrex Toliet Roll £4.58
    Bread 79p
    6 Pk Walkers £1.52
    6 Pk Kettle Crisps £1.79
    Pk Cheese & Proscutto Tortallini (sp?) 99p
    Organic Garlic 75p
    4 Peppers £1.51
    Box of Mushrooms £1.00
    Frsh Plum Tom's £1.49
    Large Pk Easy Cook Rice £1.24
    Large Pk 8 Chick Thighs £3.84
    Fresh Range Egss £1.59

    Total £24.77!!!!:eek: Think that the budget in minus's now!!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness my month finishes on the 21st!:D

    Have a nice sunday everyone:)
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    Ventured into town yesterday and spent £26.75 of the M&S voucher. Took advantage of their 3 for £10 deal on meat - 3 chickens, braising steak, 20 butcher's sausages and 4 quarterpounder Angus beefburgers. 'Saved' £7.76 here so I'm quite pleased with that.

    Also bought 4 jars of curry sauce (half price at 89p each so thought it was worth a try while on offer - will be good for making a quick meal on those days when extra pushed for time and so won't be tempted to send for a take away!), a pack of filter coffee and a bag of salad. Total 'saving' = £11.32 from total of £38.07 = £26.75 to pay.

    We had very heavy rain yesterday so this helped me focus on just going into M&S and then back to the car rather than wandering around town and buying other stuff to break the budget. Another bonus - free parking in town after 10 am on Saturdays so that's more money saved :)
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