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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Steamed Pudding(Spotted !!!!!!)
    6 oz SR flour
    3 oz suet
    3 oz sugar
    1 egg
    3 oz sultanas or mixed fruit
    A little milk to mix

    Use a 1 and a half pint bowl(I use a clear pyrex one).
    Grease bowl. In your mixing bowl mix together flour suet and sugar.
    Beat an egg and add to the mixture, adding some milk(about 1/4 pint at a guess) until it is a stodgy mixture but not so stiff it won't move.
    Put all ingredients into your bowl-you could put some golden syrup or honey in the bottom of the bowl if liked.
    Cover with clingfilm and pierce in several places with a fork(it rises a lot)
    Pop in micro on full power for approx 6 mins. I use the clear dish so I can see how cooked it is. Be careful not to overcook. Take it out after 6 mins and let it rest a minute and you can test it by sticking a sharp knife in the centre it. If it comes out goeey give it another minute and retest.

    Don't be tempted to pop it in for 15 mins or it will come out like a brick.

    It should be light and fluffy and resemble a very light fluffy cake mixture.

    Hubby commented on this today that is was light and not as stodgy as usual. I did put in a couple of extra ounces of flour as I'd used too much milk in mine and had to thicken it up so don't panic if it isnt perfect-it comes out well. I didnt use any syrup but I could have as it needed a little more sweetening but I didn't fancy anything too rich today. We served it with tinned custard(heated) A really quick easy pudding! You don't have to use suet either-you can in fact use vegetable oil if preffered-though not sure how much-Id take a chance(as I do) and use 3 tablespoonsful.

    Had some leftover pork from dinner and made 4 servings of s/s pork for the freezer.
    with leftover chicken from dinner Ive made 5 chicken and ham pasties and a chicken and ham pie. Used up some of my turkey ham from the fridge.
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    thanks for that hippeechiq boots is even better vantage points too it all helps
    2nd purse challenge no040£0 Sealed pot challenge ???? £2 trolley find not counting small coins till end year
  • so far i have spent £35 on food this month £35/£50
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    I know what you mean Minnie...I have one like that at home. Why am I saving that, why don't I wash everything on 40 degrees for 3 hours, putting dishwasher on twice a day half full and sticks things in the dryer when it's a fair windy day. He pays the leccy bill so he'll do what he likes. I've had to get canny and do the washing in the evening then stick it out first thing on the line. Goes mad if I try and stop draughts, says we need ventilation:eek:...what can you do...I say he's turned into an old woman:rotfl:

    I HAD one of those as well, he insisted on washing the dishes by hand under running hot water (taking hours), even though we have a dishwasher, put the dryer on for 90 min to dry 1 thing, at least once a day . Moaned when I made draft excluders and sausages for the doors and windows, and thermal linings for the curtains.
    It wasn't till our joint fuel bills rocketed to almost £500 per month, that I got him to listen. Now our fuel consumption is 1/4 of what it was, and the house is warmer. I laughed this year when he kept nagging me to get out the draft excluders for the windows and doors, he was cold, (this winter really sorted him out). And to make them for the remaining windows.
    I was getting accused of being extravagant, LOL. £6,000 per year on fuel was ridiculous, I persuaded him to try it MY way and try and get the bills down, it took two years, now they have settled to around £125 per month, £1.500 pa, and have been around for 18 months.
    He's worse than me now, if he wants to wash dishes by hand he uses a bowl of hot water.
    I'm making heavy lined curtains for my two daughters cold flats now and draft proofing their windows and doors, I cant make them fast enough LOL. I got up at 6 am to finish them. While the taskmaster is tucked up fast asleep in Bed.
    Men have only two faults , everything they say and everything they do ROTFLMAO!:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
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    Morning everyone,

    Another 15.59 spent at Mr T yesterday. It filled 3 bags though so i am definitely getting more for my money. Will need more bread today (i buy it in I****nd) so hopefully will not spend too much rest of week. I get paid on Friday and intend to buy a meat parcel from butchers at 17.99 which includes steak and chops so i can plan next week's meals round that.
    Payment A Day £15 (started 17/5/14) :j
  • got my tesco order yesterday(ive updated my sig) they subbed my bread with some i dont like(and wasnt on offer) so didnt have it, need a printer cartridge today, some dummies and bread...then i will not spend anything till thurs/fri when we will need bread and milk again
    Have a Bsc Hons open degree from the Open University 2015 :j:D:eek::T
  • Well I haven't had much time to read through this thread yet but I have been working hard on my financial goals (ie sorting out savings and ISA's) so it's not that I haven't been working hard on saving money!

    Anyway had a shop at Mr A in the weekend and it came to £32 which will hopefully mostly last me for two weeks. Well, fingers crossed.

    So my total is currently £62 spent of my target of £150. I'm totally confident I'll make this and the next challenge I'll do I will reduce it down to £120. That will be tougher as I'll have other staples which will need replacing by then I should think ie my big bag of Jasmine Rice. But, I should still be able to make it.
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  • spent too much at Mr T's yesterday, whats the number one rule when food shopping DONT GO WHEN YOUR HUNGRY! Im sure your shopping about doubles! So thats another £89.
    Did fill my freezer with woopsies. Got a lovely piece of organic lamb reduced from £7.25 to £3.50, we had it for Sunday lunch yesterday, it was lush. Got 2 free range chickens, 2 packs of pork chops, some sausages and some free range breasts, all nicely reduced. So overall quite pleased.
    Happy days
  • Just before Christmas I started getting organic fruit and veg boxes delivered, not really for any other reason than ive always liked the idea of getting lovely fresh veg delivered to your door! Then I discovered they do a baby and toddler box, with stuff that is suitable for pureeing, and since im weaning my youngest this seemed like a good idea, but it didnt really have anything in there I didnt have/ wouldnt have had in the other box anyway, but im wondering weather or not to carry on getting it delivered, but choosing what I want rather than a set box, or cancelling it all together? Ive just done my first fortnightly shop and obviously couldnt get all the fruit/ veg we need for 2 weeks, but do you think its cheaper to do it this way or good old Mr S? I cant decide what is best!
    January grocery challenge- £338.09/£350
    £365 in 365 days- £25
    January NSDs- 9
    Money made on ebay- £16.89
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    did the weekly shop in morrys over the weekend so have updated my sig.

    made soup for tea last night and did 1/2 doz rolls for pack up in bm, that seems to be working well.
    the veggie cheesy bread thing i made for tea on friday was a success (its a recipie from this issue of essentials but i altered it to suit what i had in )

    should be an nsd today as we are out for a meal tonight so only got dinner/lunch to do.
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