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  • Thanks for reminding us of this possibility of account fraud.
    Also thanks for the test credit card details, which are now in my play account along with an age of 91 years old.
    You never know how strong you are until you have no other option.
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    FellPony wrote: »
    Thanks for reminding us of this possibility of account fraud.
    Also thanks for the test credit card details, which are now in my play account along with an age of 91 years old.

    Agree, changed mine too! Haven't used Play in an age anyway, so won't miss them if they suspend me!
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    Sorry but have dreadful customer service on all levels. I really hope you get this sorted and thanks for warning other customers. Amazon is a lot safer and customer friendly.
    I've been using PLAY.COM for many years and thankfully have only experienced once problem (their fault) but it was solved very quickly. I've always been really pleased with their service & the same goes for Amazon.
  • I too have been using Play for years now and use them a lot and have only encountered a few problems. Once I bought one of their ipod dock thingies that was really well rated and only £10 delivered.

    Anyway - it arrived and was utter crap and didn't work properly. Went through all the returns guff and filled out the RMA form. It cost me £4 to return - cheapest way. After they had got it back they only paid me £1 for my postage even though it was obviously displayed. Emailed them and never heard anything from them!

    I have had a problem recently too. Ordered Heroes boxset for £17.99. Anyway a under an hour later was browsing my library catalogue and saw that they had it - a weeks rental costs £3.50 there so I immediately emailed them to say I wanted to cancel my order.

    Sent me the standard - we will reply within 24 hours - email. The next morning I had a response saying it was already in there system and was too late to cancel. The order status was still "packing". And that if I wanted to return it upon receipt I would have to go through their process.

    I thought that was a cop out but then noticed it wasn't even marked as "posted" until the day after that and then to top it off it hasn't even arrived yet ordered 10 days ago!!!
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    May be worth asking bank for a new card. It will have a new no & issue date. That should stop the b***ers gor a while at least
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    I brought a product from via Play Trade from a seller there inoot/GamesNGadgets. After placing the order I found out that it was not the product advertised. It was advertised as an original Xbox charger but then after placing the order I was told it was a compatible only - which was not what was wanted. I tried to cancel the order immediately. However cancellation Emails were ignored - eventually I got this message back from iNoot - someone supposedly called shahid shabbir. Whose email was this:

    "Stop bull shi*t, you seem to be a conman yourself and just want to give silly excuses because you wanted to cancel the order and return the product, the products are all ce approved so don’t give me the **it of dangerous product

    You f**ing Moron "

    I also contacted and forwarded them all emails. They are equally terrible. Customer service in Philippines & like robots. They don't want to know & are waste of time. Couldn't get a refund & their Play Guarantee was worthless. Only option now to get a chargeback via credit card company and will forward all emails to them. Even this is not 100% guarantee. Buyer Beware I guess!

    Update: Since leaving the feedback above on moneysavingexpert I got another email from (see below) Inoot/mr gadget solutions ltd's Shahid shabbir polietly

    asking me to remove the feedback. you need to seriously vet the people who sell on your site!

    " i am giving you 12 hours to remove all the *hit you have left on the web. or i will be knocking all your teeth down your throat at ****man gardens.

  • Hi, I bought some DVDS from an ebay wholesaler, and start selling on playtrade/
    I sold about 40 DVDs for the value of £400.
    When i tried to transfer the money to my account, suspended my account.
    and asking for the suppliers/ stock information, which i don't have
    The ebay seller who i bought the DVDs from , he made a deal and i collected the DVDs from his place , and pay cash on collection, so
    I don't have any reciept to show

    Also ask me to ask the buyer to leave feedback ,but my account has been suspended how can they leave feedback?
    I have 0 feedback.

    The ebay seller does not response to email and his not an active seller on ebay anymore.

    What should i do how to get my money?
    Please help

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    Old thread I know, but still have major security issues.

    Somebody tried to use my card fraudulently today on their site and they processed the order. Fortunately my CC provider spotted it.

    This is the only site where, at the time, it was impossible to delete your credit card details after ordering. It now does seem to be possible to do (wonder why they changed that ?)

    I'd recommend you removing your credit card details from their site. Personally, I'll never be going near them again. How a seemingly 'mainstream' site like this has remained in business with the repeated stories of credit card fraud is a mystery.
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