DLA suspension in France

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    dmg24 wrote: »
    I have only briefly scanned the thread on CAG, but there does not appear to be a conclusion yet?

    Did you spot our old friend AndyandFlo?
  • Thanks, I'll pass that on to her.

    Hi, I'll try and dig out the previous case which resulted in an EU court ruling, but like everything if the UK government don't like it, they put barriers up or at best comply with just some of the order and send it back for appeal. Which then does the usual circles, with the DWP 'failing' to appear and then claiming unfair advantage.

    My own personal opinion is that with the introduction of PIP, this particular 'loophole' will be closed. Well they will try to, but nevertheless, it will still be illegal in the eyes of the EU Court.
    Then it will need another application under the PIP Regs to start it all off again.

    It should be quite simple, if you are a UK citizen, receiving a UK income (benefit or pension or income- including the OAP) you should be allowed to claim any UK benefit even though you are lazing on the beach enjoying a glass of Sangria!! You have earned that right.
  • Did you spot our old friend AndyandFlo?

    Off to have a nosey ... ;)
    Gone ... or have I?
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