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January 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 December 2010 at 11:09AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • larmy16larmy16 Forumite
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    I am still on £1 spent for January so far! Not bad eh? :)
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  • jintybjintyb Forumite
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    Hi everyone!

    Congratulations on your wonderful achievement Mrs Macawber and also to Toddles on your great news!

    Well done Spigs on getting organised re spreadsheets - I love a spreadsheet (sad, eh) Do you have a template you'd be willing to share? Mine is a bit erratic! BTW I really enjoy your essays!

    Have just done my meal plan for this week (the majority out of the freezer)
    Monday - ham, tatties and cabbage
    Tues - scampi, chips, peas and tartare sauce
    Wed - omelettes ( easy tea as I'm working)
    Thurs - HM chilli & rice
    Friday - bangers, mash & veg
    Sat - usual weekly takeaway
    Sun - chicken casserole, veg, tatties and giant yorkies

    Will make some bakes this week - probably a gingerbread and an apple and bramble cake:) This will do instead of puds;)

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  • jayIIjayII Forumite
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    Morning all.

    Congratulations on your wonderful news, Toddles.

    I hope everyone is well today.

    I have Mr T delivering this evening, but it is around half my usual spend, so with luck it will be a good start to the month.
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  • lou1981lou1981 Forumite
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    Morning I still havent spent anything and everywhere is still full to bursting.
    I found some leftover roast lamb in the freezer so shepherds pie tonight and a loaf of bread in BM to go with. I am still feeling really positive.
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  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    Mothership wrote: »
    uneaten yogurts get turned into delicious scones.

    how does this work please?
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    sistercassistercas Forumite
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    edited 3 January 2011 at 12:15PM
    have spent a fortune already for jans GC
    £26 in l!dl
    £78 in sainsbugs
    i dont know why i spend so much , i cook from scratch , i dont buy expensive stuff , i buy cheap pop for the kids , i pick up offers/whoopsies i dont know how you all manage on so little you are all an inspiration
  • majjakmajjak Forumite
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    Small spend yesterday here - £17.12 on some storecupboard ingredients to keep me going until I do a big shop later in the month.

    Have to pop and get some packed lunch stuff for the kids later but it should only come to about £10.
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    perrywinkleperrywinkle Forumite
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  • Thanks for the advice Elf. The gift voucher was for £30 so I still have another £10 to treat myself when I reach my 4 lbs weight loss at the end of Jan. Also, N*xt took back a dodgy Xmas present I would never use (mouse for a computer) - £6 on a refund card and still have £13 on another N*xt card from last year. Hopefully sales will be hitting rock bottom in late Jan.
    Off to Tesco's to buy some lunch for my friend and I. Fingers crossed I'll have a NSD.
    Wishing you all one too.
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Changed our plans yesterday, didn't go for a walk so avoided a spend in the cafe, and blitzed the house instead. Will be going to the local park instead today wit another tempting cafe:eek:

    NSD yesteray:D Made some tomato and lentil soup and sourdough bread for tea yesterday and will have some more soup for lunch today. First time I made this bread and it is really tasty. Will need to make another for DH sandwiches tomorrow as we nearly scoffed the lot!

    Congratulations Mrs M on your fabulous weight loss!:T

    Congratulations Toddles on your pregnancy!:j
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