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    mrsmather1 wrote:

    Felt compelled to respond as I am also orgainising my Mum's 50th Birthday party on 10th March. Hers is a suprise and we are having a 70's disco theme so fairly similar!

    Goodness me, I didn't know I knew so much useless stuff, but Osama Bin Laden turns 50 on the 10th of March too. :D
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    Do you think he'll be having a Motown party? I thought he was about 80, he looks it. Just butting in because I love Motown, I was 52 in December so it's my era. Good luck with all your parties, your mums are very lucky to have such thoughtful children.
  • Hi and thanks for the replies so far. I didn't give the cake a thought but can leave that up to dad as he works in a bakers. Although that sounds a really nice idea about baby pictures on a cake will mention that to my dad.Never heard of banquet roll before, something to check out. I will start getting paper plates, cutlery and other bits, make a day of it with my sister so she does not feel left out and she can get in any ideas she has.
    I have been informed the hall was booked yesterday, it sounds nice although I don't think it has any disabled access and it is just a large hall so whatever food gets laid out can't really be refilled or stored anywhere else. I am also a bit worried about any gifts and such that my mum gets might go missing as there is no safe place to put them. I have been to a few parties where stuff especially b day money has gone missing and I would hate to think someone had stole her birthday presents.
    I chatted to my brother and he said no fancy dress because it would put people off, I think him and his girlfriend just don't fancy getting dressed up, he had a few other ideas like getting a lookalike to come and sing to her but I think she would be uncomfortable with this. Really need to sit down and talk this out with family otherwise this could cause a lot of upset.
    Mum's birthday party is on 24th feb. So still have a while to get things sorted out but January seems to be flying past.
    Might have a family friend do the DJ stuff and he is into motown too.
    Did not realise what a fuss this could be, don't want to fall out with brother but don't want him going and doing his own thing either and not taking other peoples ideas into consideration.
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    as we now have a fab new celebration board I'm moving this collection of ideas over there :)
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    DH and I will both have our 50th birthdays this year.

    DH occasionally toys with the idea of doing a parachute jump....really just because DS2 did one and, bottom line, it's a masculine challenge to see whether he has the courage too. Otherwise he's not keen on any fuss.

    If anyone threw a surprise party for me, I'd walk out again and not come back til everyone had gone. I loathe parties.
    I don't want to acknowledge my birthday at all...as usual. Still, there's most of the year to go yet before it.

    I think I still have the Bah Humbug attitude from Christmas :rolleyes:
  • How about booking him a Turkish steam bath treatment, reflexology, Indian head massage, sports massage etc somewhere? Lots of department stores offer treatments for men as do health clubs and leisure centres.

    If u can club together with some others to raise £100, u could buy him a premium bond and he might be lucky enough to win a prize some day!

    Or a concert/opera/theatre ticket for an artist/actor u know he likes.

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    The two links don't work. Have just tried them and got 'Page Not Available.'
  • it is a very difficult decision to make - i would go for a santimental gift reminding of your childhood - i like gifts like photoalbums or sth like that :)
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    My Dad joked that he wanted 50 presents for his 50th birthday. Unfortantly, I thought this was funny & decided I'd do just that. It was a nightmare! I bought a couple of really good 'proper' presents (I cross stitched a picture for him & had it professionally framed, and bought him a brick in the path of his fave football club), then the rest were silly pressies. I found all sorts of stuff, from Snoopy glasses to pencil sets. My friend and I were running around Wilkensons on his birthday trying to find cheap things to make it up to 50! That'll teach him to make jokes! LOL!

    For Mum's 50th I decided on a theme for the presents. I bought 26 gifts and allocated a letter to each one, then wrote out a clue for each and put them into individual envelopes. She had great fun trying to guess what each one was. I'm still working on one of the pressies (18 months after her 50th!), which is a huge cross stitch picture, but she had it on her birthday, framed and incomplete! But she had lot of things from funky undies to a birthday message in a magazine. Half the fun was the clues...it got the whole family involved.
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    How about a video or photo montage? Anyone with a computer can do that. It makes for a very poignant get-together. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. You can also get some gift suggestions online.
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