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    aimex, I was given a glider flight over the cliffs of Dover for my 50th - couldn't have wished for anything more exhilirating!
    Friend of mine was given a small aeroplane flight for his 50th and he loved it too.
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    When my aunt was 60 we got her 60 little presents but I had been planning for nearly a year. Also did the same for my father in law when he was 70. Bought one main present and then made it up with a birthday cake, chocolate biscuits, sweets, salted peanuts, bottles of beer etc etc. Wrapped them all individually and he had a fun time opening them. He even counted them to make sure I hadnt put an extra one in or missed one out!!
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    What kind of things does he like doing?

    A day at the races?
    A new watch?
    Golf lessons?
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    I got my dad a newspaper from the day he was born for his 50th. He loved it.
  • Hi
    I am looking for some ideas, cost cutting tips for my mum's 50th birthday party. We need to get organising pretty quickly as it is near the end of Feb.
    She said she would love to have a motown, 70s night as the theme as she has never had a birthday party before in her life and she deserves it.
    Do you know any good sites or computer software to design her invites bearing in mind the 70s motown theme.
    Also the food, what is good party food that will still look good after an hour sitting on a table. How do I cater for some many people cheaply but without looking tight. We are looking at around 100 to 150+ people coming, she is a very popular lady.
    We have had a quote for 1 hall without a bar and that was for 750. which is a lot of money. Looking for a hall in the E London area preferably without a bar so we can do that ourselves, also any good places to buy booze at good prices.
    Bearing in mind the theme we are looking for 70s clothes to dress up, had a look on ebay and did not think the clothes were all that great.
    I can't think of any thing else to take into consideration but would really welcome other peoples input and advice, this is the first time I have had to organise something on this scale.
    By the way although she mentioned she would like this, she has no idea we are doing this for her and she would be really pleased and stunned. This would be a nice surprise for her as she was only saying last week that we have left it to late to organise and it would be a shame not to have one. So I am doing this behind her back although will probably tell her a week before so she can get her outfit.
    Thanks for reading and hopefully adding your comments.
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  • Hi

    Felt compelled to respond as I am also orgainising my Mum's 50th Birthday party on 10th March. Hers is a suprise and we are having a 70's disco theme so fairly similar!

    Do you have family members who can help with the food? My mum has 9 sisters and I have allocated them specific things to cook such as savory eggs, sausage rolls, mini buffet items (Iceland is great for these and work out quite cheap usually 3 for £5) Also I am filling 240 bridge rolls or finger rolls which are cheap as chips and can be varied to your taste.

    As for fancy dress out fits - do you have a local theatre nearby? There wardrobe department may be able to help you or alternatively there are loads or websites that sell reasonably priced fancy dress - just google motown fancy dress!

    As for a hall - I am hiring a Working Man's Club for about £150 including bar have you tried any local to you? Or alternatively you could try the british legion or local freemasons - usually they hire out their halls and they have bars included.

    I am also making the invites and have used Google Images to find a really good picture to use as a background. Again go to google and search in images for 'mowtown'

    Let me know how it goes!!!

  • Hi K thanks for replying so quickly, some good ideas there. Thanks for tips about working mans club will try some of these.
    Me and my dad are mainly organising with a little help from brother and sister although I have a feeling I will be doing the organising, cooking etc. Mum does have some best friends that I am sure will help out if I ask nicely.
    I will get acquainted with google and see what it comes up with.
    Ideally I would like to start getting bits now so it does not come as one big expense. So are there any items that you are getting now that you are storing away for the day. I am really excited at the thought of her face and want this to be really nice for her. I will keep posted on my progress thanks
    credit card balances March 2008 £5159.11
    Time to pick myself up and start again.
  • I'm fairly lucky in the fact that I work in catering and will be able to 'borrow' a few items!

    I have already napkins, forks & spoons (had them left over from anniversary party) which we bought bulk from Bookers(cash & carry) do you have access to a cash & carry as they are fabulous for disposables.

    Don't worry about fancy table cloths - I'm using a coloured banquet roll and then adding table confetti which is next to nothing.

    Also have you thought about a cake? My mother in law is making mine and is taking baby photos of my mum to a local cake maker who will transfer the image on to rice paper to put on the cake! Did this for Dad's 50th and he loved it!

    I'm sure your mum's face will be a picture! What date is your Mum's birthday?
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    I live in East London, and know that a lot of churches have halls which they will hire out for this kind of thing, as do some sports centres.

    As for 70's clothes, I had to go to a 70's themed work party a few years ago and at that time there was a place in Endell Street (Covent Garden) which hired out 70's clothes, and had a huge selection. Can't remember the name and don't know if it is still there but would be worth a look. Have you tried good old google for fancy dress hire shops near you which might do the job?

    For food, there are loads of threads about party food on Old Style for weddings, birthday parties, christenings, etc. I'm sure you can find enough info there to sort you out
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    we had a wedding anniversary party and are Motown fans, primed the DJ to play that sort of music all night, helped that he was a fan too!

    had photos put on cake at Asda, really reasonable about £9 I think from memory
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