Is anyone else having problems with Text Relay (Typetalk)?

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Good morning everyone, hope you're safe and well?

I'm asking this question because I've been trying for the last hour to make a Typetalk call and every time I try to make the call it either says "No Carrier" after a few moments or "TXD Connecting Typetalk" repeatedly for a minute or two and then it says that all operators are busy and to stop keying. Is the service having some problems? I've used it for years and never had anything like this and I don't know what's wrong. I was due to have an meeting at 9:00am this morning with the Disability Employment Advisor at the Jobcentre but I can't make it due to heavy snow and as I'm a wheelchair user I'm unable to get out and I wanted to make the people aware of this but it now looks like they'll think I haven't bothered to show up when in reality I've been trying repeatedly to get in touch to no success. I have also tried to call by both Typetalk and Minicom the Text Relay company to see if they're having any problems but I can't even get an answer from there either and the same thing is happening, really frustrating because I don't know what the problem is. Thank you for your help :)


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    found this on the text relay faq page, suggest you email if you don't have anyone to phone for you.

    Textphone troubleshooting

    If you are having a problem using Text Relay from your textphone, please contact the Text Relay Customer Support team on 0800 500 888 or email: [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
    Some common problems are described below:
    No response from Text Relay
    If you dial 18001, followed by the full telephone number, and you do not see any TXD messages, please try again. If this happens every time you make a call, please contact the Customer Support team.
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    The one at work was playing up the other week, had to get an engineer out but apparently the cold weather is affecting the service.
  • Thank you ladies,

    I (finally!) managed to get through to the person I needed to call and the operator told me that their office had been flooded and that has really impacted on their service. Hopefully this information will come in handy to any other TypeTalk users having problems with the service of late. Have a lovely Christmas, both of you :)
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