Counterfeit perfume bought on ebay

Can anyone please help? I ordered some perfume on ebay and have been sent a bottle that is clearly counterfeit. I have left negative feedback and demanded a refund from the seller. I've also complained to ebay.
What else can I do, I just want my money back.


  • on ebay two ways to go about it.. having paid with paypal

    raise a dispute for one of two reasons,
    1, you have not received it; or
    2, it is fake

    Option 1 is prefered
    the seller will have 3 days to prove delivery (by way of a tracking reference, if the seller cannot prove postage paypal will always side with the buyer) did your parcel have a recorded sticker on the front ! if not use this method. Ebay is so open to fraud its untrue, I have had this argument with them many times as a seller, for this reason if i ever sell anything to a customer with low feedback or a few negatives i always post 2nd recorded (my proof its been shipped/tracked to the recipient)

    i bought a dodgy dvd and used this the seller was pi**** but at the end of the day he shouldn't be selling fakes

    option 2
    less clear, you may lose out on postage

    Then, once settled leave feedback !, having used ebay for 8-9 years for buying and selling, ebay is clearly on the buyers side now!
  • thanks for replying.

    i don't have much experience of using ebay as i don't really trust it
    and this has put me off even more!

    I paid with a credit card as i couldn't remember the paypal password so not sure if i can still get my money back. Perfume was sent recorded del.

    The seller asked me to remove my negative feedback and he would refund my money. I didn't trust him to do this so asked him to refund first. He then asked me to send perfume back which I don't want to do yet as it is evidence.

    I've put in a complaint to ebay so i suppose i will have to wait to see what they say. I'm not too worried about the £6 postage but the perfume cost £49.
  • ebay is great for buying cheap items CDs DVDs the problem is its open to fraudsters. When you said you paid by credit card, how did you do that, was it via your ebay auction item page ie paypal. (Paypal is an ebay affiliated company)
  • i have an email confirmation from Paypal but it says the card is not associated with a registered PayPal account - is that still OK?
  • I would have been more surprised if it had been genuine. Bit lile buying designer label clothes at a car boot sale.
  • I know, I feel a bit daft falling for it.
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    I used to sell genuine perfume on eBay and a website, not all are dodgy. Only buy from shops on their that have a few hundread/thousand feedback and read some of the recently left feedback and you should be ok.
  • Welcome to the MSE Forums. :hello:
    maz1962 wrote: »
    i don't have much experience of using ebay
    Nor of using Bulletin Boards it seems. This one is divided by subject into different sections. You have posted in the "Credit Card Stoozing" section which is intended as a discussion area for, er, Stoozing with Credit Cards. You would be better asking in Ebay, Auctions, Car Boot & Jumble Sales
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  • You are quite right - I rarely use forums such as these and didn't find it that intuitive at first so I apologize for posting under the wrong section.
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