Things You Never Thought You Could Sell

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    catowen wrote:
    Ohhh, we have a broken playstation 2 in the attic


    Why do we put broken stuff in the attic? I am the same, attic is full of useless junk. Suppose now its seen as a good think as you can ebay your broken PS2, but at the time, what was the point? :rotfl:

    Great post by the way, will continue to watch with interest!

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    I was sorting through stuff for ebay a while ago and hubby saw me looking at some left over wedding invites that I hadn't used. There were an odd number, like 17 or so. He said no way would any one buy them, bin them.

    As a matter of principle I listed them, not only did I sell them for about £7.00 but the buyer was really happy to have found them as she said they were just what she was after!
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    Slinky wrote:
    Exactly. Who mentioned broken beyond repair anyway? Both the laptops I've seen listed are clearly listed as faulty with long descriptions of what the known or guessed at problems are. Mine will be as accurate as I can make it, if people don't want to bid they won't.

    Even something that can't be repaired might have usable parts. As long as the description is honest, it's better than putting it in the landfill.
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    catowen wrote:
    Ohhh, we have a broken playstation 2 in the attic, think i may go and get it and see if i can get anything for it!!!!

    I used to know someone that would get broken ones of ebay / car boots and repair them he had a good little earner going most of the time he had enough completely dead machines to repair anything he bought and if it couldnt be fixed it got used for spares for others.

    I think he got £30 - £40 for a fixed one and he also sold spares
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    ciara2712 wrote:
    Oh also a while ago i sold a small Agent Provocateur carrier bag for £6 and a smallish LaSenza bag for £4.

    Really? The people in my office have tons of Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc carriers, I reckon they will just throw them away. I might scab a few and sell them on eBay!
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    I agree people will buy the strangest things
    I sold some Tesco Tillspills on a BIN and they sold within 40 min of listing them for £4.50.
    Also sold our old SkyDIgi Box (not faulty) for £40 it was actually the Sky Guy who told us about that when we upgraded otherwise might have lopped it.
    Best sale to date however was a horrid sliver frame which was a wedding gift and it sold for £55 to a buyer in the US.
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    mh1923 wrote:
    Used carrier bags? Who in the world would buy used carrier bags? confused0090.gif
    jane norman carrier bags sell well
    to be updated:;)
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    I sold two childrens books i bought in a charity shop for 20p they went to a collector in the bahamas for £100.
  • What a great thread.

    Gets you thinking about all the old things that have been chucked out in the past - I don't mind about the things that I gave away via Freecycle or donated to charity shops but things I sent to landfill........

    Anyway onwards and upwards in my DFW quest - am now compiling a list of possible items to be sold e.g. Jo Malone gift bag
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  • tsharp - I sold the images as 10 x 8 unframed prints, professionally printed on lustre photo paper. Photos of famous locations in big cities sell well, althought hey have to be different images to what you would get on a postcard.
    Inspired by this post, I have got about 10 things to list when I get home tonight, including another broken, faulty ipod.
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