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  • Not a slow cooker one but it might work in that as well. Sorry the directions are so sketchy, I kind of add whatever I have that needs using up and see how it goes:

    Soak broth/soup mix overnight (or as directed)
    In a pan fry some garlic and chopped onion in a little oil

    * Diced carrot, turnip etc - whatever you might have
    * Add some diced lamb neck fillet (or whatever cheap meat cut you fancy)
    * I have also been known to chuck in a tin of toms :)

    Add stock and soup/broth mix
    Boil for an hour or sour until meat tender and lentils softened
    Season to taste

    I'm guessing you can do the frying bit and then chuck it all into the slow cooker for a few hours, infact I might try this next time I do it!
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    This is a link posted earlier by Squeaky I think, just been looking through it myself, stacks of soups ideas
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • we make broth in our slow cooker like this ..........
    put about 3 handfulls of broth mix into pot,make up 2 pints of stock with cubes (we use 1 pint veg stock and 1 pint chicken stock) pour this over the top of the pulses .Then peel and chop turnip,leek and carrots to the quantities you wish and throw that into pot also,switch on slow cooker on high for 4 hours ,stirring occasionally after 4 hours it should look more like a broth !

    It may need slightly longer/shorter in the slow cooker depending on the quantity you have made

    After that just season to taste adding optional mixed herbs if required
    Avoid fruit and nuts .You are what you eat :D :rotfl: :rotfl:

  • lil_me wrote:
    This is a link posted earlier by Squeaky I think, just been looking through it myself, stacks of soups ideas

    Thanks for the link, i'm always on the look out for good soup recipes :)

    I use this site alot, not just for soup recipes but for all kinds of meals:

    All Recipes

    It's great as the recipes are reviewed and rated by people that have cooked them. The only downside is that it has quite alot of what I call 'American' recipes where the ingrediants generally include onion soup mix(?) as the main seasoning flavouring. They do have a section on slow cooker soups:

    Slow Cooker Soups

  • Yes I posted one on the vegetable soup thread (sorry don't know enough techie to link so I'll just repeat) -

    Soak 100g of the broth mix (this is scotch broth I take it?) overnight
    Peel and dice 250g sweet potato (about two)
    Peel and dice an onion
    Put finely diced veg and broth mix in slow cooker.
    Make stock by adding 1 or 2 tsp marigold vegetable boullion powder to 2 cups boiling water (or more to taste - I love the stuff and make it quite strong). Put in slow cooker with veg.

    I put it on for a full 24 hours until the sweet potato falls apart, that way you don't have to blitz it smooth. Is fine in a non-stick pan on the hob also (sweat the onion first) over 2 hrs but stir every 15-20 mins or it will catch because it's so thick. Only downside is that it doesn't freeze. But I've never had enough left over anyway, it's so tasty.
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  • Thank you for all your ideas.

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    hope this is in the right place.

    I'm trying to use my slow cooker more, and want to do brisket for sunday lunch.

    I'm ok with that, but then with the leftovers I wanted to make stew with this packet of beans and lentils called soup mix I bought from mr T.
    Can I just put a handful(after soaking) in with the stew mix?

    Also, the beef will have already been cooked, so when would I put this in the slow cooker?

    Thanks for any help

  • Hi there

    I did a casserole the other day - one of those make it up as you go along kind ;) ...and i used the dried soup mix - pearl barley, split peas etc...

    I put the pork in on its own until it was nearly cooked - cut it into chunks, then added carrots, onions and a couple of handfulls of the soup mix...i didnt even soak it :rotfl: shoved the lid on and left it for hours..... the meat collapsed, and then i added some gravy granules to finish it off- it was stunning if i say so myself - espacially with sage pastry on top :D

    If i was doing what you are, i would cut the beef into quite big chunks, put it back in the slow cooker with some of the meat juices or stock, the soup mix, just make sure the soup mix is under the liquid and any veggies you have,, stick the lid on and leave it on for as long as you need, yours won't take as long as you are soaking yours :T just keep an eye on the liquid level, the beans will take quite a bit..the meat will breakdown and be really tender and all the flavours will blend better i think, than if you added the meat towards the end.....

    Let us know how it goes....
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  • Thanks,
    When you say you don't soak your beans, do you boil them instead or just put them in the slow cooker?
    How long do you cook it for?

    MAny thanks
  • Hi there

    I don't soak them or boil em...i shove em in straight from the tub :p ...but you are talking to someone who will leave the slow cooker on all day :rotfl: ...
    if you want to reduce your time, then you can soak them first, its just that i figured that if i soaked them, they would absorb water...but if i drop them straight in they will soak up meat juices..:D ...its easier to just keep giving the casserole a stir, and then you can just squash a piece of barley etc.. until it is as soft as you like it...sorry i can't be more exact...i tend to cook by eye than time.....
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