Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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  • Essential services , energy, communication, insurance, should not charge a premium to customers for paying in ways other than direct debit.
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    Banks offer appalling service because few customers have time to complain formally and get little financial redress when they do. For each upheld customer complaint to the ombudsman against a bank, in addition to fair compensation for the customer, fine the bank £5,000 to be paid to the government.
  • Old buildings have changed over their life until the point at which they were listed when they were frozen in time. In this weather they are frozen inside too. Require a relaxation of listing policy to permit double glazed windows to be installed in listed buildings subject to being of the same type and style (e.g. sash with thin glazing bars which is now possible). It would cut heating bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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    Utility companies must either:
    not automatically roll customers onto another fixed term contract at the end of the initial term.


    not charge to transfer away after the initial term, whether automatic roll over of not.

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    Stop shops from spoiling our sense of the seasons by banning Xmas items (cards, wrapping, decorations, etc.) from shops until after Guy Fawkes' Night.
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    Credit companies should be more explicit upfront about the actual APRs likely to be charged on loans, the fact that you may be /have been offered a loan at a significantly higher than the published rate and the implication of this being on your credit file.
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  • Split the banks' trading
    If the banks' dealt with investments from their own central point & go back to branches running themselves, everyone can concentrate on what they are experienced in. Building up loyalty will count once again, and the experienced manager will have final say in loans/mortgages etc. Right now it is easier for a fraudster to get a mortgage than an honest working taxpayer!
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    Many customers get "better deals" by switching suppliers only then to be contacted by their existing supplier to say "sorry you're leaving, did you know we can better the offer you've been made by our competitor?" :mad:
    If they were honest about their best tariffs in the first place, we probably wouldn't change supplier. Not only would they keep customers happy but would also reduced their admin costs of having to:
    - phone customers who have deceided to leave
    - do all the admin associated with the customer leaving + all the admin to welcome them back as a new customer...

    Saving paper, admin and lots of time (on both sides!!)
  • Government to force councils to provide allotments to the 10's of thousands on waiting lists as is their requirement under law.
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    Move speed cameras to schools '20mph' limits, they would justifyably catch the most speeders than at any other location. Certain locations on country roads are where it's safe to overtake larger slower vehicles, but the camera forces you to overtake on a shorter potentially more dangerous part of the road.

    Most accidents happen at slower inner city speeds than on the open road. Anyone can check these statistics.
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