Improve Money Rules In 50 Words. Suggest easy changes for our politicians

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  • Councils should be required to accept ALL plastics that are on sale in their area (increase acceptance or legislate to limit types of packaging sold) . Only unmixed plastics should be used for packaging. Symbol for type of plastic should be easily readable unlike many very small or faint marks. Councils should cooperate with neighbours for processing.
  • Every bank statement for current and savings account should have the interest rate paid on that account printed on the page; it is confusing to look through all the current and old rates on internet pages and often difficult to determne exactly what rate is paid on a particular account.
  • Change building regulations so that all new houses built have Scandanavian standards of energy efficiency such as triple glazing, thick loft and cavity wall insulation and draught proofing. This would cost very little at the construction stage but save a lot of money and energy over a property's lifetime.
  • As well as reducing road signage, remove ALL road sign posts from the footpaths. Especially in congested pedestrian areas with narrow pavements in cities. Move parking meters into the road between bays. This will speed up pedestrian journey time and reduce congestion in rush hour.
  • Repayment rules should not penalise those who studied at certain times. If I had taken my loan a few years before or after I would have received a maintenance grant instead of a £17000 loan. Others will have theirs written off sooner and have the repayment threshold raised to £21000 [FONT=&quot][/FONT]
  • Current Interest rates should be printed on all bank statements (including online representations) and available online. This will encourage customer awareness and switching and there is no good reason why this is not done, unless you consider the banks desire to make this information hard for consumers to access.
  • Don’t spend millions building new roads, give free bus passes to under 18 year olds. It would form good travel habits for life and encourage public transport usage instead of cars. If funding it means taking the free passes off the 60+ age group to fund it then do it!
  • Make it mandatory for phone companies to inform caller the per minute charge for connecting the call after the requested number has been given. The charge is outrageous and applies to each minute of the connected call.
  • Offer farmers free snowploughs and safety wear. Pay them to plough the roads in times of heavy snow. Waive the red diesel rule for this use. Provide insurance cover nationally or at council level. We would have seen massive savings in the last week or so in this rural area in both direct and indirect costs of the disruption.
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    Many businesses add personal expenses to reduce taxable income, steal from business resources and pay much lower tax. Employees can't even deduct their travel expenses to work, fuel is price is hard hitting. Punish benefit cheats/regulate accident solicitors.
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