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Great 'Biggest Christmas waste of money?' Hunt

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Great 'Biggest Christmas waste of money?' Hunt

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Former_MSE_LeeFormer_MSE_Lee Former Editorial Assistant
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Great 'Biggest Christmas waste of money?' Hunt

Everyone has a festive Scrooge in them itching to be heard, so we want MoneySavers to tell us what they hate dolling out their cash on at Christmas.

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  • I know it's not an original idea - but I'm not sending cards this year. We buy them, write them with care, and post them, and they're looked at briefly then thrown away or recycled. Instead I'm sending the money saved to charity.
    I announced it to the family on Facebook, and I had more "likes" than I've ever had before...maybe I've started a new family tradition!

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    luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    Why do people expect a wrapped gift inside a gift bag? double wrapping = extra money!

    I can understand it if something is an old shape or otherwise difficult to wrap, but I resent paying out for gift bags, even in the January sales.
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  • Gemmy_2Gemmy_2 Forumite
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    I hate buying stamps to send cards.
    They are expensive and the cards themselves as a previous poster has said are a waste of money as they sit there for a couple of weeks and then are recycled. I'd rather send an email.
  • Selection packs. All box and no content. Now there even smaller and seem to cost more!
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    taxingtaxing Forumite
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    edited 10 December 2010 at 11:06AM
    Has to be Christmas Cards; followed by the postage stamp thereon; then expensive wrapping paper.

    Isn't it time we all moved back to a very simple family orientated affair - maybe a bit like the Americans thanksgiving celebration. All the commercial 'rubbish' has eroded the true 'point' which (whether you are religious or not) is the celebration of family, friendship and friends. If we feel we need to 'buy' them with lavish gifts then something is sorely awry with us all. Sorry - rant over.
  • I vote for bread sauce! I make it every year because its "traditional" but no-one eats it so it sits there untouched and congealing in its jug and gets washed down the sink.

    Also, I'm not serving a starter with Xmas Day lunch. :eek: I usually serve smoked salmon and/or prawns but although my guests love it they fill up on it then don't get the most out of the main course - so this year it's straight for the turkey & trimmings!! :D
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  • has to be the cards, especially from people who dont even speak to you for the other 364 days of the year!!!
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  • lilian1977lilian1977 Forumite
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    I still love the Christmas card tradition as I think it's lovely to have them hung up in your living room. So I buy all mine in the 90% off sale in Boots after Christmas and put them away for the following year. I then post 2nd class to people I can't give them to in person. A small expense but worth it I think.

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  • andrealmandrealm Forumite
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    Gifts sets and hampers that are overpriced for what they are, things like
    A cheap mug that comes with hot choc and marshmallows, cheaper to make your own.

    I like sending and receiving cards, but wouldn't spend a lot on them or on things like wrapping paper or gift bags.
  • My biggest gripe for years has been CHRISTMAS CRACKERS. What rubbish! There must be a lot of Chinese plastics workers wondering what we are going to do with the little bits of stuff they manufacture (answer: look at object in puzzlement, then throw in the bin.).
    And do we really need so many hundreds of Christmas decorations? Just dust-gatherers.

    What a waste of the world's resources!
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