Great 'What's Hot and What's not at Aldi, Lidl & Netto' Hunt revisted

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  • Hippeechiq wrote: »
    I've tried one or two of the wines, and have found 3 really lovely ones at the lower end of the price range (although they appear to no longer stock one of them) and was just wondering if anyone has tried £idls Sherry or Port at all?

    One of the pleasures of shopping at Lidl, is that you never know what new products you’re going to find on the shelves. They are always changing. With wine, sherry, whisky, brandy etc. you may well be the first to try some new brand. I have bought sherry there in the past and it was fine, but probably not the same brand as you are thinking of buying. So chance your arm and let us know what you think of it.

    Trying to learn something new every day.

  • Well, I'm afraid to report that it was very much on the rough side.

    It wont come to mind which one, but it smells and tastes of either white spirit, meths, turps or thinners....I think it might be turps.

    It's too rough to even go in a trifle or a cake, as I'm sure it would ruin both. I'll be keeping it though, for those times when one is desperate for some alcohol ;) - but one will have to be desperate.

    It's the first item I've bought from there that hasn't been excellent to be honest, but you don't know if you don't try :)
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    FannyHill wrote: »
    I wish all shops would stop this Christmas stuff in October.

    There should be no Christmas items on the shelves before 1 Dec.

    i think christmas related stock should be banned from being sold until november
  • hstrike wrote: »
    Aldi (usually shop with mix of waitrose and aldi as I am a quality freak but don't believe in paying more than I need to plus I hate tesco and the other big supermarkets)
    -nappies. Only brand to have zero leaks
    -Baby sensitive wipes- much better than pampers etc thicker and only need a couple for the worst kind of mess plus have snap shut lid so don't dry out.
    -black currant conc cordial. Better than Rubens
    -grandessa marmalades
    -children's books. Really cheap good quality
    -peanut butter

    Not hot:
    -washing up gloves - funny shape
    - fresh berries - don't last long or taste very good

    I get annoyed that I can't pack my bags at the checkout even if no one in queue behind me.

    to be honest i love the not packing bags at the til thing. Myself, other half and baby can visit our local aldi (2 mins in the car), do a full shop, pack everything and be back at the house in half an hour.

    Just stick it all back in your trolley and pack the bags on the side. Its easier that way anyway.
  • Lidl's have Hardys Nottage Hill red & white wine - 3 for £12. So I got 3 of each. Then at the tills, gave me a bottle carrier - which also gave an extra £2 off, when 6 bottles of any red, white or rose are bought. Also got 2 18 packs (330mils cans) of coca cola - on offer of 2 for £9.00.
  • I usually only have nice things to say about Lidl.
    Just bought some of their McDowells whisky. UGHH!:(
    I should have known it was too cheap to be true.
    It smells and tastes as if it was distilled using bonfire ash in the process. Definitely a product to avoid. Be warned.

    Trying to learn something new every day.

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    Lidl's this week. 2 fillet steaks £6.99. bargain:beer:
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    hansi wrote: »
    Lidl's this week. 2 fillet steaks £6.99. bargain:beer:

    Not exactly what I call a bargain

    £20.56 a kilo :eek:
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    erm, I didn't want a kilo. Just two small fillet steaks. Would cost you about £20 in a restaurant!:beer:
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