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Can anyone tell if they have the Gas,Water [stop tap] & Electric all in the same cupboard???.

I know this may sound a stupid question to some,but the reason why is that my mum had some raising the standards work done by the council on her old peoples bungalow [it is council property] these bungalows that my mum lives in are for elderly and disabled persons.
They have done all this work new kitchen,bathrooms,double glazed windows & new roofs,but the silly thing to me is they have moved the water pipes and gas and put them all together in one cupboard at the back of her television [the only good position she can have the tele].
Does this sound right,it sounds dangerous to me,what if she needs to turn the water off for a burst to start with she has to drag the tele out of the way not the best thing for an elderly person,oh and by the way they moved the water tank in the loft area over the living room just over where the tele is.???

Has anyone got any views on this,i'm sure this is crackers.

Pat :-/ :-/


  • Pat__3Pat__3 Forumite
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    Has know one got any ideas on this ???

    Have i got it on the section.

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    I would guess that it must be safe for them to have done this.

    Whether it is safe to put the TV in front of them is another matter.

    Has ur mum considered buying a portable?

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  • Pat__3Pat__3 Forumite
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    Thank You Pak Man. :)

    I'll have a word with Mum on that, but I think it is the best position for her TV.

    They fitted all these pipes and things knowing she had her TV there :-/

    I believe there going to start messing around again with the water pipes, like add more to them, really weird. :o
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    Generally the toby for the water should be in the kitchen under the sink. The kitchen sink must be supplied directly from the mains in all new properties, and I would imagine that this is the same for older or refurbished properties.

    The fact there is a tank makes me believe that the bathroom will not be supplied from mains water, unless it is an expansion tank for the central heating, but you should not worry too much about where this is...

    You could contact the council and ask them the situation, or contact your water company and ask them to come out...

    Hope this is of some help.

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