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Save on MOT Bills

in Motoring
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  • Will the brass monkeys please take their balls over to the Money Saving Arms and keep this thread on topic.

    Thank You
  • How do you know your local authority tester is, in reality, competent?  Have you seen any other examples his work?  Are you sure he has no axe to grind?  Are you sure he is not passing you because he doesn't wish to retest you because this would be problemmatic as far as, for example, reaching his targets are concerned?  Local authorities don't advertise this service widely - are you sure you know why?

    And finally, why are local authorities allowed to test their own vehicles! ;D
  • alaredalared Forumite
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    Yes they do seem to have a bit of a brass neck!
  • Savvy_SueSavvy_Sue Forumite
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    Anyone know off-hand if Bristol City Council offers this service? I've looked on the BCC website but found nothing about vehicle tests. Will phone them tomorrow but suspect they don't do it. I've found that S Glos does so we may go there ...
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  • Sheel, Andrea & Fran.
    Sorry for my tardy reply, but I've been away to the sunshine.
    Thanks for the invite, but I'm afraid the Money Savers Arms is a bit too far for me to go for a quick one. I was hoping WYMAS stood for Wales, You Might Attain Something.
    Thanks for the info. I still don't know if Wales qualify (or for the football,LOL), anyway keep me informed.
    Thanks for the info Barry!!

  • MarkPMarkP Forumite
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    Great tip Jack_Pott,

    I've just had my car tested by Edinburgh City Council and it passed first time. Whoppee!! That is the first time that has happened in over 5 years.


  • VG posting from MarkP on 11.02.04
    see my posting of 29.01.04 (above) Westside Motors ONLY do MOTs & have passed my car 11 times in last 11 years.
    BUT please pass on the contact details of the EDIN. TOWN COUNCIL MOT station. Will keep for future ref.
    Many Thanks
    What goes around - comes around
    give lots and you will always recieve lots
  • Tues 17.02.04.
    Another pass. That's 7 out of 7. :)
  • Hiya, My cars due for its MOT next month :( anyone know where I can take it in Wallasey Wirral, either a council one or a decent garage as my blokes just closed down...he was great too!
    Cheers Sam
    Sam B
  • i live in Fife, just outside Dunfermline. anyone out there know any contact details for council MOTs in this area?

    By the way, noticing the references to brass monkeys etc, i'd like to share my frustration regarding the increasingly common phrase "bog standard"
    Surely this should be "box standard" and refers to a product as the manufacturer intended, with no alterations. the use of bog standard is just lazy pronunciation. or am i wrong?
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