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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • mandcomandco Forumite
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    actually managed 3 nsd in a row (includes today) :j

    will need some bits tommorrow but hoping that will only be about £5 I will only buy what I need, I will only buy what I need if i say it enough might actually manage it lol

    at the mo my biggest downfall is I pop in for half a dozen things and end up with a basket full of stuff I prob dont really need :(
    though this month I have really made an effort to buy only what i planned to and though I've not actully managed it totally I have brought less impulse buys and it has made a real difference to my spends :)
    this year do something that scares you for courage is not the absence of fear just the knowledge that some things are worth the risk
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    Chloris wrote: »
    Pumpkin soup with lots of ginger.:j

    Thanks for that, I don't have any ginger, is it essential?

    Weight loss challenge 2/10lbs

  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    slbhill wrote: »
    I did the same thing last week, didn't even know if I liked pumpkin (fortunately it turns out I do! And my OH doesn't dislike it any more than other veg :rotfl:).

    We had some with the roast last weekend - sprayed with oil & sprinkled with s&p then roasted for about half an hour, that was yummy. Other than that I've just been throwing it in with other veg to boil (it needs longer than most - 15 to 20 mins), or in stews and casseroles. Trying it in stir fry tonight, the info I found said put it in the wok & cook covered for around 5 minutes before adding other stuff. My searches also turned up that it can be mashed with a bit of butter and black pepper, like swede or turnip, although I haven't tried it yet. One pumpkin certainly goes a long way!

    Currently trying to work out what I can do with the seeds that I harvested from it!

    Thanks, I too have no idea if we will like it, but we're getting very experimental lately, (after me turning my nose up at things for years, even though I've not tried them), and most of the things we've tried we have liked, so we'll give it a go.

    I was hoping it could be used like that, a lot of the time I put butternut squash, sweet potato (or any other root veg I have to use up) into stews and casseroles, or roast them, but I wasn't sure if you could do the same with pumpkin. One of my favourite new recipes is the Jamie Oliver Sausage and Roast Veg from the feed your family for £5 at S**nsburys. It says to use sweet potato, but I put whatever I've got to hand in with the SP and it's still yummy, always make far too much for me and OH though, lol!
    Weight loss challenge 2/10lbs

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    Want_to_be_freeWant_to_be_free Forumite
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    Reading this thread makes me sooooo hungry:eek:

    I would like to share following recipe with you as Rosieben was asking about baked beans without sugar or any other gank . For me it is lovely and good for people who are going SW diet I guess.

    2 cups white kidney or of cannellini (or if you want to cheat 2 cans of those beans, I always use tin because it is quicker with that way but if you are using dry beans pressure cooked them for 30 minutes. However you need to soak them them over night and then cook them in water until they're soft)
    1 midium size onion
    One large or two small tomatoes or half a tin of tomatoes or two tsp full of tomato paste(If you have, 1/2 tbs spoon red paper paste + 1tbs tomato paste)
    1tbs oil of your choice (I don't put any but spray the pan with ActiveFry)
    1/2 tsp crushed pepper
    1 tsp salt
    2 cups of water

    * You can make this with 150 gr mince meet or dice beef or lamb- this is optional but nicer.

    Heat the oil in a big pot and stir in the onions (and meet if you wish) Cook until onions are soft ((& meat is brown)
    -Stir in tomatoes,cook for 2 more minutes. (Or add the the paste, cook for 2 minutes)
    -Stir in the beans and water. Bring to a boil.
    -Add crushed pepper, and salt. Stir for 4-5 minutes

    This is lovely next to rice, yummm x
    Don't forget smiling :):):)
  • de1amo wrote: »
    We had simit(gevrick) with nuts on this morning accompanied with cheese olives egg and tomatoes --a lovely sunday treat and will last me until tea time. i love sundays!!

    Arrrg, didn't I say this thread makes me sooo hungry? :D

    Don't forget smiling :):):)
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    Been to mrA today and parted with £24.56.Ah well. That has stocked us up a bit. Will need more veg and bread during the week, also some more eats to cook on Wed as it's DD's birthday. Thinking the challenge this month is unlikely to have a positive outcome for me. But...I'll hang on in there!
  • Sue14 wrote: »
    Thanks for that, I don't have any ginger, is it essential?

    Sue - I added half a tsp of Curry powder to my Pumpkin soup this week, it was lush. I've also made some Pumpkin muffins this week and in the past I've made Pumpkin pie. I've still got half a pumpkin left so going to roast some today with the Sunday dinner and make some more soup tomorrow with the remainder.

    We're having roast pork today with all the trimmings, also loads of veg to use up so not making a pudding tonight.

    Getting on well with emptying one of the Freezers, once one is empty I'm going to defrost it and then work on emptying the other, although that one doesn't need defrosted as it's self-defrosting.

    Been shopping a couple of times this weekend, will add up receipts later and adjust total.

    Have a good day everyone.
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • Another NSD today for me but will need to get a few things tomorrow.
    Grocery aim £450pm.Spent £519 August, £584 July, £544 June, £541 May, £549 April, £517 March, £517 Feb,£555 Jan, £573 Dec, £465Nov, £561Oct, £493Sept, £426Aug,£496 Jul, £528Jun, £506May,£498April, £558 March, £500Feb, £500 Jan, £490 Dec, £555 Nov,£566 Oct, £505Sept, £450Aug, £410 July, £437 June, £491 May, £471 April, £440 March, £552Feb, £462Jan
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    HippeechiqHippeechiq Forumite
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    mummygems wrote: »
    Something I have noticed recently about mysupermarket and wondered if anyone else has found the same.

    I always use mysupermarket before I shop and even if I buy the EXACT things the price I pay in the store is always higher than mysupermarket say it will be. Gets right on my nerves! I know they cant be 100% on their prices but still if your using it to get the cheapest/best deals then surely it should be more accurate than it is. (Or maybe its just me lol)
    That's not ever happened to me personally, but like you, I would be a bit miffed if it had. I always check just prior to going out, as things that are on offer say on a Tuesday and Tuesday evening are not necessarily on offer on a Wednesday morning.
    Also Hippeechiq - I got some of those chicken thighs from Lidl the other day which were very cheap. I am planning to cook them tomorrow in my slow cooker to then use them for a chicken pie. I know you were expecting them to be on offer a couple of weeks ago but as you were not far out with your guess, how often do you "guestimate" that Lidl's offers do come round?
    I had got it down to a fine art, so that I could plan when to buy what meat and always get it when it was on offer, but they've changed their system, the sods! :rotfl:

    Anyway, not to be deterred, I've created a document in Notepad detailing all their offers (that I buy) and what dates they were on to see if I can see a pattern.

    I bought 3kg of Chicken Thighs & 2 x 480g of Pork Loin Steaks yesterday, which gave me a saving of £5 overall, so I was very pleased with that, until I put it in my backpack and then onto my back.....I felt like the Flintstone car when they add the spare rib and the car tips up :rotfl:

    You've got a lot of mouths to feed for the rest of the month on £70, so don't be too hard on yourself if you can't make it. That's about what I've got left to feed 4 of us, and I'm not at all sure I can make it this month.
    nicola1303 wrote: »
    I've lost the plot this month. My 87 year old Gran died on the 2nd November so tbh I've not been ' with it '.
    Am very sorry for your loss Nicola :grouphug:

    Right....I've spent £58.62 over the w/end with my meat from £idls, some Cod Fillet from Ic£land for £4 and my A$da delivery today.

    Total spends so far £198.08 - Remaining budget £76.92 = £4.80 per always looks doable when it's written like that, but we all know £4.80 doesn't go very far.

    Need milk, bread, twin pack of M&S sausages and fruit tomorrow for a start, and it's £7.50 for the first 3 items :o

    I really must have some more NSDs
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    losingpatiencelosingpatience Forumite
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    Well I've managed to stay away from supermakets all weekend! We made do with cornish pasties for lunch yesterday from the batch I made up last week and they froze really well and best of all my first attempt at making pastry turned out well, they tasted lovely :T

    I was out on a hen do last night so was naughty and ended up getting a pizza on the way home which I shared with my sister :o annoy thing was it was horrid! Completely overcooked and unbelievably salty, reminds me why I make my own! Though I only spent £25 on drinks and the pizza on the night so it wasn't too expensive a night and I didn't feel as guilty getting the pizza.

    Today I really fancied a take away curry and was all set for ordering one but thought better of it so had a rummage round the freezer and found a pack of diced lamb so I'm going to make my own curry and found a recipe for garlic naan so have my dough for that rising at the moment.
    Going to get to grips with food shopping again, starting February!

    Got married to my lovely hubby on 12/11/2011 :D
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