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    After stoozimus maximus, I now calculate that I have saved £54687.95. !;D

    See how I did it here

    Martin has (quite literally) saved me a fortune !!! ! :o
    Mortgage Feb 2001 - £129,000
    Mortgage July 2007 - £0
    Original Mortgage Termination Date - Nov 2018
    Mortgage Interest saved - £63790.60
    ISA Profit since Jan 1st 2015 - 98.2% (updated 1 Dec 2020)
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    Several thousand per annum - through high interest savings accounts.
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    I am a relativity new user to this site, found it through the Jeremy Vine show. I am so pleased to have found MSE. I am not sure of the odd bits I've saved so far with cheaper DVD's and books but I have changed my whole approach to buying now, I tend to avoid big supermarket and use farm shops and places like Savers and Aldi's. I no longer have any credit card debts and my current account it in credit at the end of each month. My biggest single item of saving just recently is £270.14 on house buildings and contents insurance through the Insurance Supermarket. I have passed on the website details to loads of people now. So a big thank you to Martin
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    Without a doubt over £1000! The site has reduced my Landline phone bill to £16.50 per month from about £40, Internet charges from £27.99 to £12, Travel costs abroad have reduced enormously thanks to the flightchecker and with family and friends in several different countries phone costs abroad to Thailand mobiles alone are down from something approaching £1 a minute to 1p per minute.

    I'm jolly pleased!

    I could make it better myself at home. All I need is a small aubergine...

    I moved to Liverpool for a better life.
    And goodness, it's turned out to be better and busier!
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Changed electricity over to direct debit, 6% discount plus lower tariff saving.

    Changed phone to D/D, changed to basic line rental and going to 18866/1899 - around £20 a month saving.

    Reviewing house insurance, contents only - down from £17 odd to £11 odd/month.

    Cahoot free cash with balance transfer - £50

    Egg free cash with money manager - £10

    First Direct free cash - £25

    Saved £13 with discount codes from LX direct.

    Greatly discounted clothing for kids from Boden with online discounts - around £15 saving.

    Saving on Money Diet book - £4.00.

    Reviewed a child savings account and increased interest - £20+ a year extra interest.

    Savings yet to be made with Nationwide Credit card for hols in Summer.

    Savings also on buying currency online with Travelex too, usually buy from bank.

    Thanks to everyone for their posts on here, and thanks to Martin for his site. If I didn't know about this site I'd still be paying through the nose for everything. I can't remember how I came across MSE, but great that I did. Thanks everyone. :j

    Forgot to mention all the freebies/special offers that I've received through various outlets etc. Great. Bathroom cabinet is bulging. :j

    Oh and the travel insurance for a family, lot better rate than I had last time I was away anywhere. Thanks.
    “Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” - Oscar Wilde
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    saved on tax about £900
    £50-80 ontelephone
    £150 on insurance
    £50-70 on cash back
    haggling etc £100
    am still thinking of ways of saving by using idea given by you great guys. without u lot i wont be in this position(i just found this site about 3-4 months ago)
    are you thinking what iam thinking :T
  • Couldn't begin to count how much I've saved from using this site. Insurance, bank accounts, groceries, the list is endless and not forgetting good old Boots - I've saved a fortune lately on baby presents, electric toothbrushes, gift bags, sun tan lotion - need I go on. Thanks Martin.
    If I had known then what I know now . . .
    :A Official Boots Tart (I seem to be retired just now though) :A
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    I have saved thousands from tips and info. gathered from this site. See my post on how much have you saved - Sticky I also have more confidence when haggling and asking for discounts etc. Just knowing that I am not alone and weired for being interested in money and money saving gives me a confidence boost when I try new tactics. I also love reading everyone's posts and ideas. Thanks Martin you are inspirational as are the rest of you.
  • Very difficult to say but must be in the region of 1000.00, including my weekly tesco discounts, half the price for insurance, cheaper utilities bills and balance transfers.

    Thank god for this site!
  • told sky subcription i was being made redundant and they kindly slashed my sky bill by £25.00 for three months to be reviewed again 10th nov, saved £75.00 but still got all the full packages to both boxes.very cristian of them if i say so myself.will drop it too the minimum package if i cant squeeze anymore deals out of them.cheers sky.
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