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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • Mr T for milk and rolls - sugar and butter for baking (and some cake) - £5.56

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    Evening all. Another NSD for me. We had hm chicken maryland tonight with cauliflower 'rice', courgettes, sweetcorn and a red pepper and cream sauce. I also made a shepherd's pie with the last remnants of Sunday's roast lamb bulked out with some leftover button mushrooms and grated carrot. I made the mash with 1 potato and 1 swede, so it looks a bit orangy but will be lower carb. Hope it tastes ok. Fortunately DH doesn't mind as long as it's food!

    Greent I pm'd you last week - hope you don't mind me 'bumping' you!

    Off to bed now - have a hospital appointment tomorrow and need to be up bright and early.

    Good night all.

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    £30 spend in Mr T's today, I suspect any NSD's I have will be at the end of the month! Did take advantage of the cheese 3 for 1 although I don't think it's such a fantastic an offer as they make out due to the way they move the prices around it's still good to pay £4.50 for 1kg of strong cheese, also managed some reduced sausages, milk, cat food and some pork chops (which were lovely) shouldn't need to spend more than a fiver for the rest of the week and the freezer is filling up nicely :)
  • quick question I am hoping to have a NSD tomorrow but ... my daughter is making eccles cakes in school and needs amongst other stuff 75g of lard i have some in the fridge but date was up in september! do you think it will be ok or should I forfit my NSD and go and get her some? I have everything else

    i also spent £3 on cakes today in work for Charity Teenage Cancer Trust.. so good cause.

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  • mummygems wrote: »
    Does anyone have a Fritatta recipe that they use and are willing to share please. Just a basic one?

    I really fancy this for dinner tomorrow but the only recipe I have I know DD1 doesnt like. (Can use my potatoes up then as well).


    mummygems - this is the recipe we use, can't remember where I got it from, it's handwritten into my little book so obviously copied from somewhere so apologies to whoever provided it:-

    3 Potatoes, peeled and halved
    1 red pepper, sliced
    1 green pepper, sliced
    Mushrooms, sliced
    1 onion chopped
    6 eggs
    Salt & pepper to season

    Boil potatoes until almost cooked, drain, slice and fry until crispy on both sides then set aside.
    Fry onion and peppers until softened then add the mushrooms and fry until cooked, add potatoes back to the pan and season everything.
    Whisk the eggs and pour over the veg and cook until nicely browned, turn and cook for a couple of mins on the other side.

    Should be a NSD for me today as got everything in that we need for dinner tonight, planning to have Chicken Jambalaya, using up some more chicken from the Freezer.

    Have a good day everyone.:)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    Picklepud wrote: »
    my daughter is making eccles cakes in school and needs amongst other stuff 75g of lard i have some in the fridge but date was up in september! do you think it will be ok
    I would imagine it'll be more than OK ;)

    I'm using up some baking margarine that's dated well before September - and the only noticable 'difference' to it is that the outer layer is slightly darker than the inside of the block. Handles fine, bakes fine, and the end result tastes fine too :)
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
  • Well went to Mr S last night, list in hand and spent £37.84, though £6.63 of that was on a bottle of port for my dad for his birthday. I did get a couple of things that weren't on my list ( the port being one of them ) but the rest were marked down veg for the guinea pigs so I bought those rather than the bag of spinach I was going to get them so it balanced out as I'd estimated my spend to be around £30.

    I want to try to make some cornish pasties so need to find somewhere that sells beef skirt, though the butchers round here aren't that great. I rang 12 different butchers/farm shops trying to find somewhere that sold mutton a few weeks ago but no where sold it, is beef skirt hard to get does anyone know?

    So the new breakdown on my grocery spends is:

    Alcohol £31.94
    Drinks ( soft drinks/milk ) £3.58
    Food £48.68
    Entertaining £27.25
    Guinea Pigs £17.91
    Other/Gifts £13.76

    Total £143.12
    Remaining £76.88 :eek:

    Not much money left there, I won't need anything for the guinea pigs for another week and I have everything in for me and OH for at least another week, bar the beef skirt for the pasties... and perhaps some pastry if my attempt to make it goes anything like the last attempt :o
    Going to get to grips with food shopping again, starting February!

    Got married to my lovely hubby on 12/11/2011 :D
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    we had a nsd yesterday--unless i have to put painkillers as a grocery item!--i had a root canal filling and İ look like Gordon the golfer today--i live abroad and had no idea what they entailed until it was well underway--the dentist and i dont speak a compatable language!!--Last time i came under the surgeons knife in the same manner i spent 3 months with obscured vision so i hope i get well soon!!-
    mfw'11 No68- 55k mortgage İO--little to nothing saved! i must do better.
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    Morning all, i have managed 5 NSD this week and my sig is up to date so we're doing ok. I am planning on some batch cooking today, a bulgar wheat casserole to be portioned up in the freezer and a chilli in the slow cooker, also got to go through the cleaning cupboard and work out anything i might need to get on the weekly shop. Planning on shopping Friday after work, although i hate shopping after work don't really have a choice this week, i am going to do the meal plan today for Friday through to next week so that i have my list ready. I did an inventory last week so just got to double check that it's still up to date. Well, think we may be able to finish the week without spending anything else so that should be good.

    Huggs ((())) to those who need them
    Love elle x x x
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    hello Chums I have managed 8 out of ten days without shopping so I'm really pleased.I had to buy some fresh milk,mushrooms and cheese today but that was all.I am just about to batch cook 750 gms best mince from freezer with carrots & onions and make a few portions of sheps'pie for my DD and myself . If there is some left over I may make a couple of lasagnes as well for her freezer.i must make some cakes as well today as the tins are empty and my DGS is back home from his trip to Madrid and he will be looking hopefully at Grannie's cake tins on his way home from work.we are all doing spledidily aren'y we .On breakfast T.V. this morning even the chap from Sainsburys admitted that folk are shopping more wisely than they did, and being more careful with what they buy.
    Keep up the good work chums
    JackieO xx
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