My previous employer never paid my Tax but shows on payslips?

Dear Friends

i am trying to sort out my Tax returns for this i requested my Tax information (employment history) from HMRC. when i received my tax report for year 2008/09 it just showed one employer but not the main employer to who i paid around 2000 to 3000 quid in tax.

i have some payslips with me (not all) to prove they were deducting the tax.

please guide me what should i do?


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    Did you get a P60 from your main Employer? You need to write to HMRC regarding the discrepancy and include a copy, could be they are using an incorrect NI number so the sccount has not been matched? Check this also.
    I only comment on posts I have relevant understanding and knowledge of, I have worked as a Payroll Clerk for 19 Years first in Recruitment now in the Voluntary Sector. Had all sorts of battles over the Years with Housing Benefits, Tax Credits and got over £2000 compensation from CSA when they got it wrong for 2 Years :mad: Now CIPP qualified! :T:T
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