how to save?

We don't really have any debt apart from our mortgage which we've just started overpaying to save ourselves over £26,000!!! I have completed an income and expenditure form and this tells me that after all our essential bills have been paid we should be able to save £800 a month, we bought our home 2 years ago and while we love it it was previously owned by an old couple (in their 70's) so we need to change the decor, on moving in we decorated our 2 daughters rooms and then decided to get married so had to save for that but now we just don't seem to be able to save, this summer we paid to have some work done clearing our garden ready for a patio but now we're left with an awful "mud expanse" as we've ran out of money and can't buy the materials to complete it... please give me some tips on how to save and not spend that £800 or i feel i will forever wear wellies in my garden!


  • you could pick up lots of stuff for the garden from freecycle

    gravel, pots, paving slabs etc. That kind of stuff is advertised a lot on my local one, or you could try popping up a Wanted request for anything you would specifically like
  • What I do is I first prioritize what I want to save up and how much it is. From that I split up the money that I have and save it. Do that until you have enough money to get what you want. Say for example I want to buy a house and gifts for my mum. I split my money in half so there would be money for the house and a gift for my mum. I hope I gave you a useful tip!
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  • Really nice tips to save extra money ........ I impressed from your work .
    Thanks a lot to share these tips .
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