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November 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • £1.10 spend on juice today as forgot to bring mine from home duh!

    Have already made the shopping list for next Fri (obsessed much?! lol) and we really shouldn't need much at all so hoping to do it for £40ish, or even less.
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    Picklepud wrote: »

    I seem to have about 6 pints of milk too much any ideas how i can use it up? i have risotto rice and white rice but no pudding rice.....


    Do you have any macaroni pasta?

    My mum always used to make "milk pudding" which was macaroni pasta, sugar, butter and milk topped with nutmeg and slowly cooked in the oven for a few hours. One of my favourite winter puddings.

    Whether this would work with other pasta I dont know as have ever tried but I would assume that if Macaroni is like another pasta it might work.

    Otherwise use it for smoothies if you have any fruit laying around.
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    Afternoon all :) garlic chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight with wedges but I must go up to the shops at some point to get a load of veg. I am absolutely running on empty since the garden is slowing down and I have used all of my own potatoes :( Oh well..... it's the cheapy stuff I'm needing anyway so it's not too bad.

    Then going to make up some pasties with the left over chicken and the cold gammon I have in the fridge. Plus some mushrooms and some creme fraiche and stock sauce. They will do for lunches over the next few days.

    I am also planning on making some fools for deserts. Yummy!

    I have got back into eating porridge and it is lovely :) definitely a good cheap breaky!

    Have a good day all :)
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    First shop for this month £64 at MrA. Made leek and potato soup, added some stock made last month. Made lamb kofta kebab for tonight's dinner (DS1 favourite) sneaked in some chopped up cooked spinach into the mix. Will make rice to go with and plain yoghurt.

    Trying to reduce monthly bill by not buying juice, will stick to plain water, milk and Actimel (the only milk DS2 will drink, so necessary spend for me, he drinks about 5 a day :eek:) and a bottle of cheapy lemonade for me :).

    My fish man just called round - haven't had anything from him for a few weeks now, so got some salmon and haddock - some for tomorrow, some for the freezer - £17.
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    Just back from Mr S. Spent £6.21 on 10 apples, 6 bananas, 3kg dishwasher salt and a quarter of liquroice comfits! When did apples get so expensive or is that I notice the individual prices more when I only buy a few things?
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    Spent $18.21 in Mr.S,used a $6 off a $30spend coupon and OH gave me the money for the clothes he wanted from there.
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  • I just made something very simple for dinner tonight- so yummy , so simple and so cheap. That is why I am going to share it with you.

    All you need is;

    * 2 table sooponfull sugar
    * 1 table spoon dry yeast
    * One big glass warm water ( Approx 330 mlt)
    * 1/2 kilogram white or brown flour

    Mix sugar, yeast and warm water in a big glass and wait for 15 minutes. then slowly mix it with flour , texture needs to to feel like your ear blob. Then cover it with wet cloth and leave it additional 30 minutes.

    You can use this as a pizza base but my mum showed me something else.

    Cut one onion to samll cubes and slowly cook it with little oil. Get some cheese about 100 or 150 gr maximum- white feta type of cheese works best but if you are using feta you only need half of the amount- Grate the cheese, mix with cooked onions when they are cold, don't cook the cheese also add some herbs , I always add mint.

    Go back to your dough, cut into small pieces , you must at least have 20 piece. Put some of the cheese mix to every piece of dough, it will be inside when you shape it in your hand . does not matter what shape, dough should cover the cheese that is it.

    Finally fry your dough , bona pettit.

    This is lovely with salads or next to soup
    Don't forget smiling :):):)
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    well my November challenge starts here, and i'm not off to a good one ,been away for a few days so did a knee jerk reaction shop today as opposed to checking my s*permarket for the best offers and buying whats on offer .oh well . Ive spent £81.62, that includes brandy for my xmas cake and some cider that the DD 's have suddenly fallen in love with :cool:

    not even sure there is enough for the week :(
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    Trying very hard to have a NSD today. Only trouble is that DD works in Boots and it's double discount today and tomorrow which effectively means that anything made by Boots is half price - I am thinking of getting loads of toilet rolls, ST's and the like and I have also made a list of Christmas presents because you get the discount on top of the 3 for 2. Anyway I have a list which comes to £106 for Christmas presents (but that is all presents except for 2 DD's and my best friend). I will do a list of household stuff later.

    Picklepud - I second greent that risotto rice is nicer than pudding rice in rice pudding.

    Catznine - what is "Big Brands"? Is it like approved foods?

    Tea tonight is the first meal from my half price turkey bought at the weekend. We are having it with Carrot and parsnip mash, roast potatoes and cauliflower, with stuffing and gravy. I found an old (BBE Jan10) sachet of Dream Topping in the cupboard and have made it up and put it on top of some sugar free jellies with fruit cocktail in them for afters.

    Made some flapjacks earlier and have wrapped them individually in foil and frozen them (otherwise there would be none left by this evening!) for lunchboxes.

    Hope you all had a good weekend! We have loads of Haribo which DD2 got when out trick or treating - we all don't like it so don't know what to do with it!

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    I'm going to count yesterday's supermarket shop for this month since it's really for this week. So am going to call it roughly £30. I've decided to spend no more than £10 a week on meat, so got a £5 chicken, pack of stickered steaks for £2 (they are small though!) and a tin of corned beef (how healthy eh? but craving corned beef hash!!). I'll get some liver later in the week. The chicken was fab yesterday, will have it hot again tonight with gravy and veg, cold tomorrow and then maybe in a pie with some bacon bits i've got in the fridge. The steaks are in the freezer for a wee treat some time with a nice bottle of red.I noticed a huge price hike in MrS Basics muesli - haven't bought it for a while but it used to be 67p or so, now 99p. Blimey. I left it on the shelf as I'll just use up the porridge I've got. I noticed such rises in prices - the cheapest apples I could get there were Gala at £1.99 a bag and BOGOF. I think other supermarkets might be better priced for apples.
    Popped into MrT today to stock up on Rad0x as they are still doing buy 1 get 2 free. Got 6 altogether so that should keep DH going for a while. I use soap.
    ok, that should be us for the week and poss into next weekend. getting a bit close to December and the bigger spend so am going to try hard this month. Lots of soup making will occur;).
    Will need bananas at some point but that should be it.
    Oh - L$dl have cucumbers for 29p - at least I think that's what they were.
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