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freezing sprouts

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grannybroongrannybroon Forumite
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OH bought a large bag of BS yesterday half price - he thought they would be OK for Christmas Dinner. I usually like to buy and cook BS on same day as I have a "thing" about overcooked BS etc! The use by date is tomorrow. Any suggestions about how to keep them fresh. Best way to freeze them?


  • i think i saw someone on here the other day that had blanched them then popped them in the freezer to help save time christmas day.
    It only seems kinky the first time.. :A
  • For use in a couple of weeks I would not bother blanching them, just trim as usual, pop them in a bag in the quantity you will need for dinner then thro them into the freezer, they will taste as good as new, and you will save a bit of time on Christmas day
  • I wouldn't bother at all. They'll be fine for Xmas Day, I'm sure. :)
  • Bogof_BabeBogof_Babe Forumite
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    Hang them in a net (not a plastic bag) in a very cold garage or shed. NB If you keep the car in the garage then don't start it up without temporarily removing the sprouts, unless you like the taste of petrol/diesel fumes :p .
    :D I haven't bogged off yet, and I ain't no babe :D

  • I can't stand the Christmas Eve stampede to buy fruit and veg so have started getting mine already. I took an empty cardboard box, lined it with newspaper and have been putting my stuff in there in the garage, out of it's plastic bags first. I did it last year too and most of it kept up to two weeks. Potatoes even longer. Especially in this cold snap.
  • KittyKateKittyKate Forumite
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    I have 2 bags of sprouts from a post-christmas shop (they'd been reduced to 50p and I LOVE sprouts so I went a bit mental!). They say use by the 2nd of Jan but I can't eat them all by then! They are fresh, unprepared and in a sealed plastic bag.

    Would I be better off preparing and blanching them, then freezing them, or can I just stick the bags in the freezer....failing that, what's sprout soup like (and what effect does it have on the body!!!)
  • lemontartlemontart Forumite
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    I froze some but ended up binning as tasted funny, bought them reduced too, so best not to freeze unless very fresh,

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  • KittyKateKittyKate Forumite
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    Hmm. Might make a sprout soup then! Does anyone know a recipe?
  • susanksusank Forumite
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    Blanch them and they should be fine frozen - remember to cool them quickly though
    Saving in my terramundi pot £2, £1 and 50p just for me! :j
  • I blanched a load before Christmas, and put them in freezer bags in portions, and use and & when - they are fine!
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