Hard Wood Flooring Edinburgh

in Scotland
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Any recommended suppliers/fitters?


  • try gl floors newcraighall and say matthew recomends them
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    sallywoo wrote:
    try gl floors newcraighall and say matthew recomends them

    They are good but expensive. I expect you get what you pay for!
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    G&L floors are way too expensive.

    In August we bought approx 30 square metres of Kahrs.

    They were quoting approx £70+VAT.

    We bought off the internet for £50+Vat.

    They do have a nice showroom though.
  • Better going for the stuff they have at Richard F Makays. Its not wood, more of a PVC thing, not tacky what so ever, and much better than Wood.
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  • I'm a fan of GL Floors - they offer free aftercare visits and will do a professional job of installation, including sorting out the foundation surface so you get a floor that stays put and lasts. And you get a much wider choice of surface finishes, colours, precision inlays etc to make your floor really special. Could a GL Floor be cheaper in the long run and an added value selling point?

    Re wood v plastic: good quality wood flooring is easy to refurbish and develops character as it ages.
  • McKay Flooring in Glasgow & Livingston are a very reputable company with a large selection of flooring. They also offer a FREE home survey to give you an idea of the kind of cost you're looking at for supply & fit. The good thing is that thier fitted floors come with a 1 year gaurantee - which gives you peace of mind when you're parting with your hard earned cash!
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