Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • I am a divorced pensioner on a low budget, so when I see bread and lettuce etc reduced to 9p, I buy lots to feed to my poultry, even if it means clearing the shelf. Everything gets eaten, by me or my chickens & ducks. So I buy very cheap bread and get lovely freerange eggs back - it's good for me!:D
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    For me - I only buy the organic ranges, the freezer has 5 drawers in there and 3 are full of reduced organic meat. My way of thinking is "if I can freeze it and can afford it I will buy what I can"

    Other day in Tesco's in Donny I came out with 2 Organic Chickens, 1 Topside Organic Beef, 2 packs of Organic Chops for £12 - bargain me thinks :D Even though I will go through the back of the fridge (oh the bargains to be found back there) I will bring to the front and pass them round and its nice to hear the thank you's from other people :)

    But for those who use their trolleys to block off the little fridge stopping other people having a look in really gets on my tits and dam right rude. Still, I swear some people in the town I live in don't bother showering themselves when it comes to a big reductions day (xmas eve) as no one can stand next to a 40stone bloke who hasn't showered for weeks and come to think of it.. can't wipe his own rear end after being to the loo _pale_
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    Ahh.. the good ol' reduction debate.

    I too get annoyed when customers come in and take it all without consideration for others. I work in a Tesco Metro so our reduction cabinet isn't too big yet it has a big pillar in front of it. This means that only about two people can stand there at the same time so it annoys the other customers (professional reduction vultures lol) who think they are deliberately blocking it.

    I work in the Hot Deli department and in the past, when I have put freshly cooked food on the cabinet, customers have asked "when do you reduce this?" The food has a certain amount of hours for when they can be displayed on sale so it gets reduced after that.

    I tend to reduce all the hot food about 3-4pm on a Sunday (we close at 5pm) and I see the customers waiting for me to come reduce the lot. I had one customer take about 6 standard whole chickens reduced down to £1.75 each and I thought that was very selfish! There were none left for the customers coming after them (still an hour to go before closing time) as a result :(. There are then customers who take the food off the cabinet and come back when I am reducing the rest of it; they ask me to reduce what they have in their basket and I have to tell them no. Our rule is that if the food has been taken off the cabinet it cannot be reduced so it annoys a lot of them! They put the food back on the cabinet in a huff and walk off expecting me to reduce whilst they have gone.

    A colleague who did reductions had a complaint put against her by a customer (very rude woman, I've smelt alcohol on her breath a few times) because she apparently was giving the customer a rude look for taking all the reduced pastries! There were about 8-10 pastries left at 25p each and the customer had taken them all. I've had to guard reduction colleagues in the past too as reduction hunters have no sense of personal space and they just get as close as they can to snatch the newly reduced food away.

    I see the same customers come in all the time (pretty much every day) and leave with ridiculous reductions. Surely they are spending more money on the daily reductions than on a weekly shop?

    If it was me, I would take what I needed from the reduction cabinet at that time and leave the rest for the other customers. I am happy to pay the first reduced price for food as it lasts me for some time as it goes in the freezer :D.
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    When leaving work, I often arrive as the reductions are going down again. I don't have a big freezer so only really take a small amount, but regardless I'd feel greedy if I cleared out the shelves. I find Asda a lot more pleasant for buying the reductions than Tesco, but I feel that's due to the width of the shelves lol, easier to block it in Tesco.

    I was in M&S once when a woman was reducing items. There was a guy hanging right next to her taking every single item she reduced. In the end the worker started to hand the items to him. I should have been a bit more upfront and said something I think.
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  • I went to Aldi today specifically to get some mince that is on offer for this weekend only at £1.19 for 500g. There were only 5 packets left and I did feel really guilty taking all 5 though I reasoned with myself that a) there was noone else looking at it at the same time as me cos if there was I definitely would have shared it with them & b) the offer is supposed to be on for the whole weekend so hopefully there would have been more out the back if someone bothered to ask. Things are getting so expensive lately & it is hard to not take full advantage of an offer if you do see one. On a further negative note though, it has put me even more over my grocery budget but at least it will help for next month.
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  • I had a real education in ASDA this afternoon I can tell you!! I, along with a lot of the population go to see what's on offer on the reduced shelves when I have to pop in to get something, but what I saw today was really something else.....I am obviously totally uneducated in bargain shopping....hence why I don't have a lot of money to burn!! I went in for a loaf of bread at 3.20pm approx, turned the corner near the reduced aisle and saw lots of people clammering around and noticed man with reducing gun, there were lots of curry meal deals on the shelf at this point, myself and another lady were waiting to get close to check price, when a guy swooped like a bird of prey, arms wide open and proceeded to scoop up all ten (approx) nearly knocking a rather "senior" lady over and hands them all to gun guy who promptly reduces them, and cheek of it- he announces to the crowd "you'll ave to be quicker than that!" Gun guy then produces some other stuff, and before he can actually put it on the shelf, there are people taking it out of his hand!! I stood, jaw on floor for a couple of minutes, then gun guy announces "no more, you know what's next" whole hoard of people follow ASDA man like the pied piper of hamlin and all walk off!!! It was hilarious to watch!! I then caught up with them all at the bread (which is what I went in for) I noticed a reduced trolley full of hovis that noone was loitering near, so thought I would see how much it was, thought the price wasn't bad so took one.....Gun guy spotted me and hollers "Oi...Oiiiii, love...where are you going with that??" I thought "oh...*bleep* what have I done?" he trotted over and goes "Hang on a minute love, it's half the price of the ticket now!" so I asked if they were all for reducing (there must've been about 25 loaves) he said they were so I had another for the freezer....before I had even walked off, the man with the curry deals appeared from out of nowhere, arms wide open and proceeded to clear a whole shelf off the trolley!!! My jaw was on the floor again by this point, and gun guy says to me "you're clearly not used to all this are ya, some of these people are here every day!!" One...where do they get the time...the rest of us have to work, and I just think that was a demonstration of sheer greed, I had an extra one I will admit, but I do think that stores should (if there's a crowd) have a kinda "2 per customer till they're gone" or something if they have a lot of the same thing, I would never dream of doing something like that- if somethings going i'll have a couple to help on the ol shopping bill but I do have morals and a conscience......which is why I am probably destined to be poor!! I will give a huge thumbs up for ASDA man though, he didn't have to holler at me to take some more money off, but I think next time I shall avoid a sunday afternoon!!
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    "you're clearly not used to all this are ya, some of these people are here every day!!" One...where do they get the time...the rest of us have to work,

    My experience in my local Morrisons tells me these people are at work. They either own, or work for, establishments that provide food.

    I see many people from local cafe's, pubs and hotels regularly taking everything in site. You can tell them, they were uniforms/tops with logo etc. I've also seen people dressed in normal clothes, but heard them say things like "I don't care what it is, if you reduce it I'll put it on the menu, some body will buy it"
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    I work for a supermarket and we get about the same 6 customers buying reduced stuff in huge lots.

    Last week, we had 2.5kg of potatoes from £1.50 to 25p and this guy bought all 8 remaining bags. !!!!!! was he going to do with 20kg of spuds? Another lot of spuds were reduced the following day and he bought about the same again!

    Last week, we had pommegrantes reduced to 15p each. Customer bought 3 of them and asked what they are. If you don't know what they are, !!!!!! are you buying them for?
  • i work in a shop and also have the same thing happen.
    the strange thing is though is the local curry house and chip shop constanly do it and also blatantly in thier uniforms, esp when things like bottles and cans of certain brand name fizzy drinks on offer as they will frequently fill just over a trolly with the items. plus the same goes for the reduced items.
    also thier is the odd customer who will pester about the redused items and grab whatever they can plus have the bare faced cheek to ask if your going to buy the item in your hand if youve picked it up.
    i tend to buy what i need and think if it what i need etc i get it but try not to be ott about it. others ive seen as customers in where i work as a generalisation will grab it and often not give a second thought about anyone else.
    it was worse when the offers worked still, as thier was people buying up all they could and then only paying pennies for it or still having the bill/till owe them money. im not trying to discriminate or seem nasty and good on them if they need it as weve all been in need but it.
  • angeluk2 wrote: »
    I absolutely hate the people that block the reduced bit not letting anyone else in and take it all themselves, im afraid to me that is a selfish attitude. yes i know times are hard but we are all in the same boat! This is MY opinion and i realise others feel different.
    Infact they ruined it for everyone at my local asda as the manager banned all the staff reducing stuff that was in someones hand or trolley! it had to be on the shelf when they got there or no more reduction.
    I have the same attitude as others, i only take what i need, can fit in my small freezer or fridge or i think is a good price. I just can not bring myself to empty a shelf of a bargain, i will always leave some for others.

    I think the same as you!

    A good while ago I was in Tesco and it was fairly late in the day and I just happened to be near the fruit and veg (yes really!) when they were discounting everything, then I was about to look in the trolley thing there when it was announced that stuff was reduced and - whoa!! - I was nearly knocked over with people trying to grab stuff - one woman literally elbowed me out of the way! I was shocked by the attitude of some people - I wanted a bargain too!!! I did manage to get some reduced salad stuff, but didn't want to fight for other stuff :mad::( it was a bit ridiculous.
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