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Which Charity should I donate to?

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    The main charity I support is The Brooke - as it combines helping animals and people so I don't have to try and prioritise!

    It is a charity that provides welfare for working equines (horses, donkeys, mules) in the developing world through free veterinary care and clinics, educational projects in schools, education of animal owners, and simple things like putting water troughs where animals are working or replacing bad harness. This of course helps suffering animals - but it also helps the families that own them and rely on them for their income. Healthier animals provide better for the family.
    Cash not ash from January 2nd 2011: £2565.:j

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    Any advice given is as an individual, not as a representative of my firm.
  • You do not have to donate cash, how about time. If you are conscious, do it locally.

    (Me, I would give to scouting)
  • I do think employees having a flash car is an unnecessary extravagance for a charity and frankly is bad PR. I admit I'm not a car person so it's easy for me to think that way. I'm all in favour of charity employees getting the going rate for their work , it's just that I don't think they need a top of the range car to enable them to do a good job.
    Did your husband insist that they paid him a lower wage than he might have got in an equivalent job in a commercial organisation?

    In answer to that, luckily he didn't have to , his pay was already low.
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