No acceleration in Peugot 206

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Hi there, hope someone can give me some advice.

Peugot 206 1.9 diesel 51 plate.

I stupidly ran the tank low but by no means to the bottom. Since then I have practically no acceleration and about 20000 revs til the car has driven about 3 miles or so. Is like driving through treacle and struggles to get to 30 mph until a few miles later it picks up and is fine. (obviously never has been a particularly nippy car)

I am assuming (hoping) that i've clogged things up with rubbish from the bottom of the fuel tank, forgive me but my mechanical knowledge is not great.

Do I try one of those bottle of fuel cleaners first? If I need things bleeding and cleaning out what sort of costs am I looking at, ballpark obviously because I really have no idea.

Or secondly is this an unhappy coincidence and this could be another different problem?

Can get to a garage next week but was just wondering if anyone had experience of this.

Many thanks for reading.
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