What is wrong with the Tesco site.

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I have been trying to order shopping online and the site is awful, it takes for ever to add something to your list and I have to add twice if I want more than one of an item.

I first noticed this when I tried to do an online shop just after I had downloaded the app for my phone which incidentally does not work either.

Anyone else had any problems with it.
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    Ive no problem with the site, i can easily add stuff in seconds, maybe its your internet
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    Same here, working fine when I made an order just now. Maybe just a temp glitch, could be your own connection.
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    I have been looking at clothes - when trying to look at sale stuff keeps saying web page has expired - it is really slow too
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    I was unable to do a wine shop had to do it over the phone using my son's old clubcard account that is still registered here. Took ages to order something from Tesco direct and now have been unable to do a grocery shop since last night, which I need for daughter's 18th Birthday party! I have however recieved £15 e coupons in compensation, got £15 off the wine and been refunded the £5 delivery charge! But I really need to be able to do this grocery shop! Stresssss! I have spoken to the Techie people and they say there is a fault with the system!
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