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Cheapest meal

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robindunne1robindunne1 Forumite
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I'm starting this thread in the hope that people will come forth with the cheapest meal they can think of. I want suggestions on meals that are cheap and nutritious - so no suggesting that a bag of crisps is a meal. I'll start off with what my wife made for tea yesterday:

Corned Beef Ash:

2 Cans of corned beef £1 (50px2)
2 Cans of beans 26p (13px2)
3 potatotes 20p approx.

Plus a couple of pence for the gas in the cooker and we had a full family meal for less than £1.50.

Anyone else have any suggestions?
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  • mogginsmoggins Forumite
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    Tuna & Pasta

    1 tin value tuna 38p
    1 tin value sweetcorn 21p
    a bag value pasta 19p
    1/3 jar mayonnaise approx 15p
    pinch of all purpose seasoning approx 5p

    Cook pasta until tender, drain tuna and sweetcorn and add to pasta, mix together with 1/3 jar mayonnaise and seasoning.

    My kids beg me to make this and it costs less than £1 to feed 5 of us.
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  • elonaelona Forumite
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    How about a large spanish omelet or filled pancakes with whatever you have in the way of leftovers as filling and sprinkled with grated cheese, before being heated.

    I made a large veg curry in the slow cooker for about a pound using a stewpack for 49p (reduced) chopped tomatoes and curry powder.
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  • Mads13Mads13 Forumite
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    Hi All

    Cheap Meals:

    Sausage & Mash

    8 Frozen Thin Sausages (38pence)
    4 Large Potatoes Mashed + Little Milk (25pence)
    1/2 cabbage, 3 carrots (22pence)
    Gravy (10pence)

    Enough for 3 big portions=£0.95pence

    Shepards Pie

    1/3 bag minced lamb (43pence)
    Tin Baked Beans (12pence)
    4 Large Potatoes Mashed + Little Milk (25pence)
    Frozen Value Peas (15pence)
    Gravy (10pence)

    Enough for 3-4 good portions=£1.05

    Spag Bol

    1/3 bag minced beef (35pence)
    tin value chop tom (10pence)
    frozen value sweetcorn(15pence)
    Onion (5pence)
    Value spagetti (17pence)
    value cheese grated small (20pence)

    Enough for 3 big portions=£1.02

    Toad In Hole

    8 Thin Frozen Sausages (38pence)
    Batter-2 Eggs, P Flour, Milk (21pence)
    4 Large Spuds Mashed little milk (25pence)
    3 Carrots (10pence)
    Frozen Value Peas/Sweetcorn (15pence)
    Onion+Gravy (15pence)

    Enough for 3-4 good portions=£1.24

    Hope this helps.

  • Austin_AllegroAustin_Allegro Forumite
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    Tuna and rice salad. Feeds two. Quite balanced I think. Difficult to judge the prices but it's dirt cheap.

    1 tin of tuna 37p
    2 servings of frozen mixed veg (c.10p each based on a 97p bag from Sainsbury's) 20p
    Rice (based on Sainsbury's economy white rice) approx 10p
    Dash of vinegar, salt, olive oil and herbs etc to season, say 2p

    total = 35p each. :T
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  • Bacon pasta:

    250g of bacon mishapes, chopped small (25P) (kilo sells for 99p locally)
    1 onion chopped finely 10pish
    2 cloves or more to taste of chopped garlic 3p ish
    splash of olive oil or butter 10p
    3 tsp pesto 20p
    pack of value spaghetti 19p

    saute onion garlic in oil.meanwhile have pasta cooking. add bacon to onions and garlic and saute till cooked, then stir in pesto.

    Stir through pasta and serve with parmessan 20p and some nice crusty bread. I usually buy mine cheap or use the part baked rolls from lidls 39p for 6..

    total cost £1.46 for approx 4 portions with bread. The kids love it.

    This can be made a bit *posh* by adding some cream. I do this if i get a reduced bargain.
  • Austin_AllegroAustin_Allegro Forumite
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    Robindunne1, when I saw your heading for 'corned beef ash' I wondered if the contents of fireplaces and ashtrays were now considered edible!

    Or perhaps it was just intended for Ash Wednesday?
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  • LuisLuis Forumite
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    Cheat's Chicken Cassoulet

    leftover chicken from the roast
    Pack of 4 Sausages (about 49p)
    Big Tin Beans (from 6p but I am a Heinz snob, sorry)
    Big Tin chopped Toms (19p)
    A big Onion (10p)
    Some 'erbs (Oregano usually)

    Cook Sausies under grill, Meanwhile sweat onion in a little oil, chop the chicken into chunks.
    Drain oil, Chop sausies into chunks and throw onions, sausies, toms, beans, chopped chicken and 'erbs into big pan and warm thoroughly for about 20 mins.

    Serve with rice, Instant noodles or pasta as per preference.

    About 90p for main meal, very filling and a big fave with our lot.

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  • LilacLillieLilacLillie Forumite
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    I'm not into exact cost yet, being a newbie, but know this is a real cheapie meal :)

    7 oz red or green lentils
    1/2 tsp ground turmeric
    1 tsp salt (or not)
    1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
    3-4 hot chillis
    3-4 tbsp chopped mint
    2 cloves garlic
    2 tbsp oil

    fry garlic in oil with cayenne pepper, pour in 750ml/27fl oz water, lentils, turmeric and salt, bring to the boil. part cover with lid, simmer on low & cook for about 50mins, or until the lentils are soft. Add mint and chillis, stir & simmer for another 5mins. Yum....................with rice
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  • r.mac_2r.mac_2 Forumite
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    250g of bacon mishapes, chopped small (25P) (kilo sells for 99p locally)


    ooohhh, where to do buy these? I use chopped up bacon in loads of dishes, but usually find myself using a pair of scissors on full sized rashers?!
    aless02 wrote: »
    r.mac, you are so wise and wonderful, that post was lovely and so insightful!
    I can't promise that all my replies will illicit this response :p
  • vanoonoovanoonoo Forumite
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    tesco sell value bacon pieces for cooking and its really inexpensive 670g for 78p I grill it all and them crumble it up getting rid of any rind or fat that may be in there. its usually a mix of smoked and not smoked and sometimes a mix of back and streaky but its fab for using in meals like carbonara.
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