Noisy neighbour - What can I do?

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Hey there,

Wondering if someone can offer their advice on an increasingly common problem in this day and age..

I moved into my first home afew months ago. I thought this was excellent in the current climate.. but unfortunately I am now living next to a neighbour from hell.

The lady who lived next door moved out with all her kids to her boyfriends house and left behind her eldest teenage son. I'm fairly sure it's a housing exec house..

This guy is playing his music very loud for last couple of months now and it's driving me nuts. Last night he was at it again and then left to go out shortly after 10.. when he got back after 1am with his friends in tow he thought it would be funny to play football in his livingroom.. waking me up with the ball bouncing off the walls.

I have tried calling round to speak to him but no answer. Afew weeks ago I left a note through his door asking if he realised how loud his music was and that it is disturbing his neighbours... it stopped for acouple of nights but then it started again.

As I'm new to the area I don't want to make a fuss... but at the same time I can't live like this praying for peace and quiet...

This morning I called environmental health and they will issue an informal letter to the address and say there has been complaints. But do you think I have shot myself in the foot? I don't want to make things worse but the guy clearly doesn't care.



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    is your house a bought house or rented?
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    If it's a Housing Executive House, inform the local district office. You should also advise that the mother (who is most likely then named tenant) has moved out. Keep a record of the dates & times of any disturbance as you will need this as evidence.
  • Thank you for the replies!

    My house is bought.. well mortgaged! Privately owned anyway.

    My Mum has me stupid with worry after she said I may have caused more problems and could I not keep trying to speak to the guy.. but how long am I meant to be woke in the night and not enjoy the evenings I am in the house as his music is blaring?

    Am I being unreasonable?
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    I had a problem with my new neighbour leaving a large dog in his back garden all day every day - the dog spent the vast majority of the day barking or crying and driving me nuts. I spoke to him and his aprtner politely and was told to go away - dogs have rights. I then spoke to my local council and they advised me to keep a log for 2 weeks, which I did. They made 3 visits to my neighbour and unfortunately there was no improvement - so they swerved a noise abatement order on him and his dog. He ignored this too - but I was determined and kept pushing my council to do something for me - they were not that enthusiastic but my determination paid off - once i initiated a formal complaint against them - my neighbour ended up in court with a £200 fine plus £170 costs. He also had a solicitor present to represent him so more costs there. The nosie abatement order stays in place and there has been one more incident of excessive barking in the past 2 years - i slipped a note through his letter box reminding him of the order and reassuring him I would not hesitate to report it again - and since then there has been no problem. We will never be friends but he now respects my right to a quiet environment. I understand your concerns but don't be a victim - pursue them and report them and it will get it stopped.
  • Thanks John. This is reassuring.

    I don't want to be a doormat in his eyes which is why I don't want to let it continue for months without doing anything. The last 2 months have been bad enough. Luckily (not really!) my Mum came round there and the guy started up with the music so even she sees it's way to loud to ignore. I actually thought he knew which car was my parents and would deliberately not play the music on the rare occasion they're round - to make me look like I'm exaggerating.

    The informal letter will go out to the neighbour and this may give him the nudge needed... I hope it doens't go the formal route but I'll take advice on and keep a diary. I worry that I am a female living on my own and don't need any trouble.

    Believe it or not as I type this I've had to deal with the teenage kids neighbours 3 doors down sitting on my car bonnet! Had to go out and tell them where to go.. I've only bought this house and I am already thinking if I should sell :(
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    Solution on the music machine

  • I appreciate the sense of humour BargainGalore!

    I'm not going any violent route.. I'd prob end up much worse off :)
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    Hi, I really appreciate the difficulty of the situation you are in however as another poster said you have to try to be assertive on this and there is help out there. My sister had exactly the same problem she bought a house and the neighbours were housing exec tenants who unfortunately were really loud and she was just too intimidated to confront them. She had the council noise people out, not sure where you live or if you can access this service, and she also spoke to the housing exec who were really supportive. The family were eventually moved out of the house and although she was concerned about the repercussions this might have on her she was very fortunate that she was allowed to get on with her life there without any further hasssle.
    Good luck dealing with it, youre not being unreasonable in your requests so stay strong!
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    It's up to your local council to enforce the laws about peace and quiet and noise nuisances. Your first port of call therefore is the Environmental Health Dept. They have a set procedure to follow on this and are obliged to investigate your concerns. It just takes a phone call to get the ball rolling. You don't have to put up with this idiot neighbour - get on the blower on Monday morning!
  • Hi,

    There is nothing worse than neighbours who have no consideration for other people. I certainly don't mind my neighbours having the odd party now and then, but every night or weekend is not on. It is dishearting when you buy your first home and are all excited moving in and making plans and have then found out the person living next door just doesn't give a hoot about their noise levels. Nothing to much like you, but we had a neighbour once that would watch her tv in her bedroom at night and early morning and was so loud that if I turned to the same channel I could put the mute on and use her sound! And we also have parking issues with some neighbours who don't think to leave room for everyone to get parked. Oh I'm sounding like a pain in the !!!! lol. But I treat people the way I expect to be treated. Just start as you mean to go on, you have asked him to keep it down, he hasn't listened so take the next step and keep it up, as you could be living there some time as house's are not moving at all at the minute. Good luck and be strong :):)
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