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Shabby Chic; Volume III

edited 21 May 2013 at 5:02PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Bibbity love the tables. Tiny that chest of drawers is unusual love the finished result. Princess Vicki those cakes look lush :)
  • TinyPablo wrote: »
    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker and love looking at all your fab creations. I thought since this was a shiny new thread, it was a good opportunity to finally introduce myself and show you my very first shabbied up item. I bought the little chest of drawers in a second hand shop as I really liked the shape of the legs, sanded it down, stained the top walnut and painted the rest old cream. I am really pleased with how it turned out.



    This is gorgeous! I adore it!
    must find me one of those! xx
  • newmeenewmee Forumite
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    Tinypablo hi and welcome :beer:
    I love that chest and your makeover is gorgeous. Well done you. :T
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  • foxglovesfoxgloves Forumite
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    Pennib, I've been so stingy with my patchwork. To start me off I bought a pack of pre-cut fabric squares from ebay (6.00) and I found two king-size cotton sheets in a charity shop (3.00) one of which I'm using for the background colour to the patchwork daisies & the other one I'm going to use to back it. All the other fabric has come from my scrap box, my Mum's scrap box, cut up cotton clothes, etc. I have drooled over patchwork fabric in craft shops & online but I really wanted this to have a vintage look & I think it will as I've included fabric from things like old Laura Ashley skirts I wore when I was a student & flowery cotton bedlinen that used to belong to my old Nan, even the shirt my husband wore at our wedding. I'd love to get it finished, (& see if I really can complete the whole project for a total of 9.00) but I promised my sister I'd knit some little baby & toddler socks for a craft stall she's doing & as the money will come in useful, I'm having to spend my spare time on that at the moment. Lovely seeing projects everyone else is working on.
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  • jtzjtz Forumite
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    Thank you so much everyone for contributing to this thread! :beer:I am determined to keep track this time as the other thread went too fast. Hopefully, I'll post some my shabby chic small 'junk' makeovers soon (although they won't be half as good as yours!)
    Here's my share so far:
    Wilko's 2 tier cake stand- £5
    I've also seen lovely Cath Kidstonesque kitchen items on the site but can't find them right now. I'm pretty sure they are in the new mag though.
    HTH anyone.:)
  • jtzjtz Forumite
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    Bittybob I love the nest of tables!

    I posted this on the baking thread too but I'm a show off and the cake stand is Cath Kidston so its allowed here also ;):D

    OMG that's lovely and looks delightfully scrumptious! I've made VERY similar butterfly rasberry cupcakes too. Just out of curiosity, are these the one from a Somerfield mag?
  • Just wanted to share this wonderful bargain I got today from Morrison’s. They have them in HOME and LOVE and they come in black or white for the princely sum of £3.00. I am going to antique mine as I have all cream painted furniture and the white sticks out like a sore thumb. They are a really decent size much bigger than it looks in the picture.
  • Scrummy looking cakes Vikki, and I'm still super jealous of your CK win!

    That clock is indeed a bargain, can't wait to see what you do with it CraftyDeb. Thanks for sharing, although I'm on a self imposed pretty bits purchasing ban until I've decided how everywhere's going to be decorated.

    foxgloves - £9 for your entire project is a fab price, good luck!
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    lajonilajoni Forumite
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    Hi I have been lurking for a while and would love to join in this new thread but found I cannot post photos as I'm a newbie long do I have to wait?

    Love the drawers Pablo and the gorgeous HOME clock CDeb ...having seen your work before so I know its just going to look gorgeous..
    Lajoni x

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  • lajoni wrote: »
    Hi I have been kurking for a while and would love to join in this new thread but found I cannot post photos as I'm a newbie long do I have to wait?
    Sorry, can't remember how many posts you have to "post" before being able to include piccies....could be 20, 50 or 100...not very with it atm!! :o

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