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Shabby Chic; Volume III

edited 21 May 2013 at 5:02PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • cherisong wrote: »
    I am working on the same kind of nest of tables in the hope that it will match my ottoman and use it as side tables for the guest room. I have the wallpaper from LA to match the material. Pinched the idea off a lady on here, either Kandi or Hart sorry cant remember which one.

    Or maybe me :D

  • Bibbitybob wrote: »
    Or maybe me :D


    oops I did it again!!! Even worse though............. that is EXACTLY what I am doing, same paper and all :eek::eek: I will put a little tag in stating inspired a la bibbity!!!
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  • newmeenewmee Forumite
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    :j Happy New Thread everyone :T

    Hart44, I blinkin blinkin blinkin LOVE those shelves. You are one lucky chicer. Lovely friend :) I obsessively look at them daily on ebay (yes I know sadder than sad) but never see any bargains near me :(

    Looking forward to a thread fulla photies :D You'll get some more from me when my party is out the way in October but till then I've gotta focus on that and new job I'm hoping to start in next few weeks.

    Thank you all for your continued inspiration. Look forward to my daily updates :)
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  • pennibpennib Forumite
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    Foxglove you have got a lot on the go there! I'm doing a patchwork as well....turning out more expensive than I first thought :0( BUT the bookcase was free so I justify it that way!
  • Happy New Thread !!
    Love it keep the inspiration coming !!!

    GB x
  • cherisong wrote: »
    oops I did it again!!! Even worse though............. that is EXACTLY what I am doing, same paper and all :eek::eek: I will put a little tag in stating inspired a la bibbity!!!

    :D I'm sure many have done similar before me, and many will do similar after! But it's nice to know that seeing mine inspired you :)

    I've almost finished painting up a pine plate rack in F&B 'French Grey' (what, no 'dimity' I hear you cry?! :eek:). I love the colour, but it's not what I was expecting it to be. Will try and get pics over the weekend when it's dry.
  • Bittybob I love the nest of tables!

    I posted this on the baking thread too but I'm a show off and the cake stand is Cath Kidston so its allowed here also ;):D
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    TinyPabloTinyPablo Forumite
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    Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker and love looking at all your fab creations. I thought since this was a shiny new thread, it was a good opportunity to finally introduce myself and show you my very first shabbied up item. I bought the little chest of drawers in a second hand shop as I really liked the shape of the legs, sanded it down, stained the top walnut and painted the rest old cream. I am really pleased with how it turned out.


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    HabibibooHabibiboo Forumite
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    Bibbitybob, those are exactly the type of table and now I've seen how much better they look revamped, it's going to be hard to wait until the Christmas hols to get it done! I don't have the nest though, just the largest and smallest. Yours look great as a white nest,not sure about mine though, our room's got lots of dark wood to it, so I'd probably stick to a dark stain or re-varnish. Is it still shabby-chic if it stays dark? Great to see a visual on the finished product though, thank you!
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  • TinyPablo, that is just gorgeous!!

    HabibiBoo, how about if you painted the legs light and then distressed the paint so that the dark colour shows through? That way it would be shabby chic, but still work with the rest of your wood work?
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