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September 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • wilf55wilf55 Forumite
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    hi just been to farmfoods
    and tescos

    spent my £100 budget but hope i have enough food in!!

    will go and put it in the freezer and menu plan...perhaps thats the wrong way to do it but hey!!

    this weeks budget £100/100!!! and am on day 1
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  • meanmariemeanmarie Forumite
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    Pleased that I have had 11 NSDs so far this month....probably means that we will run out of everything next week!

    Weight 08 February 86kg
  • An NSD for me as I am in the hospital all afternoon so it will be a boring one but at lease I wont be able to spend!

    Had a lovely thing last night using up some left over puff pastry and a reduced jar of mince meat I bought a couple of months ago. A lovely tart which was a success so will make some mini ones for christmas.

    Have a good day all :)
    Feb GC: £200 Spent: £190.79
  • Oh no, just done my main SM shop for this week and I went over budget at £79.77:mad: against my target of £70. Still on target for the month as I had a good week last week but it's still annoying. I'm sure I frowned when the cashier said the total, hope she didn't take it personally (oops):o. To make myself feel better I've decided to blame my Hubby who added £6:eek: of his toiletries on to the list. I know I would have still been slightly over but I've bought some bulk items will which hopefully pay off in the next few weeks - fingers crossed - I should have enough coffee to last until xmas!:D

    Good luck everyone else.:) sig. updated.

  • I've finally done my sums, over by 30£ for this point in the month,(hence i put my total in red to remind me).. now to knuckle down and get back on track.
    Today i've made mushroom pate with some forraged huge flat mushrooms, meant a spend of £2 for the butter and shallots, put in a large slug of brandy at the end - it tastes smashing! i'll portion it up and freeze it for soups, as pate, or in quiche, or my favourite, in beef wellington (is that xmas lunch sorted?).

    good luck all

    poppy x
    nov grocery challenge, £.227.69/300, 9/25 nsd: , 7 Cmo, 10 egm.
    Me, 10 yo dd, and the dog. all food and drinks, in and out, plus household shopping.
  • Hi,
    been to ASDA 2day at 8.00am got some jeans 3.00 and a cardy :jtype thing for 3.00. I have 12 days left and am quite pleased with my total as I actually have loads in (inc the bogof clothes wash 8 off):money:Later on when I pick up DH shall nip in FF for the usual bread and milk. I have a chick cass in sc, brocc and cauli soup for

    the freezer, and 2 mac cheeses I have made for freezer since I came

    in. Seem alot more organise this month, even tho we have been busy!!!!!!!!!!!

    :jBrodie 1/ july 300/330.62:oAugust300/322.49:o
    September 300/239.78:jOct300/258.50:jNov 250/282.24:) December 300/300.01:j JAN 2011 300/288.72 :j . September 300/319.19:(, October 300/351.59:jThree adults, 1 dog and 1 cats and cleaning stuff, toiletries, beer.
  • Another £18 spend at Mr A for us today, two packs of dishwasher tablets and two of basmati rice while they're on offer!
    Must get organised and rejoin grocery challenge!
  • I'm back from my holiday... early. Copenhagen was wonderful, such a great city and not much more expensive than England, the place we stayed was great and I'd love to go back. But Stockholm? So disappointed, the "amazing" hostel was filthy and communal everything(with men walking into the communal womens shower area?!), and a cucumber at the supermarket was £5.00!!! Think that's why the swedes are so thin. We booked an early ryanair flight home (funded by just one of our cancelled hostel nights), we took everything hand luggage and my cousin's bag was 9.9kg!
    Now i'm home and will go spend £5.00 on a load of yummy veg :) Might whack a nice veg soup in the slow cooker. After sooo much porridge, bread, cake and pasta I have an intense craving for vegetables!

    Should I add the £2.90 I spent on a 500ml bottle of water and a banana at the airport to my budget? Compared to Ryan air's €3.00 water it doesn't seem that bad...
    Living cheap in central London :rotfl:
  • Spiggle wrote: »
    Hippeechiq, what's up sweetie? Come on, you're a really good supporter of us all on here and I would hate to think you can't share or turn to us for similar support. You are doing brilliantly well and we all get bad days. Sending you loads of hugs :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: 'cos you deserve them for all the support you give us. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

    Aw, thank you Spigs :) and Longtallsally
    Think it's an awful mixture daughters illness, constantly watching the pennies and HORMONES!! :eek:

    I can mostly cope with the former two, but when you throw hormones into the mix it all goes horribly awry!

    I just can't see a way around ever having enough money for birthdays and C'mas. There is no spare money. I have a couple of hundred pounds left from when I was made redundant, but when that's gone, I don't know how we're going to do it. I have two daughters, 1 who lives with her Dad, 200 miles away, and one lives with me. They both have birthdays this month, 23rd and 27th. The one who lives with her Dad will be 18, so I'm feeling a bit low that I wont be there to celebrate it with her. I hate not seeing her on her birthday, but especially this one. In the 10yrs since my marriage broke up, I've only managed to see her once on her birthday (I came out of the marriage with sod all, so money has always been tight for me even when I had a job) I've got the whole "guilt" thing going on too, and I miss her very much.................anyway, it's a very long story, and I'm rambling off topic, Sorry :o

    My point is, with the two birthdays this month and C'mas, that'll be the money gone, and as there is no spare money every month from OH's wages, apart from cutting down on food even more, which I am trying to do, the thought of never having any spare money gets me down. And then I'm not doing very well on the GC this month, despite my best efforts, and my eldest daughter is having a rough time, and it's all making me feel a bit :(

    Anyway - I had another spend late yesterday of £4.20 bringing total so far to £170.50, but it will be a NSD today at least.
    I've got £2 cash to last me until next Monday unless I break into next week cash, which is a rule of mine not to do, but I can't see any way round it. Doing that would leave me short next week then...... OR I tweak my next weeks online shop by a fiver and get it that way. I would like to not have to do another online shop this month, but I'm not sure that's possible.....I'm struggling to find a positive spin on things girls, I really am......I think I just need to post my figures for a few days and say nothing else until I'm a bit more upbeat.
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    sistercassistercas Forumite
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    edited 14 September 2010 at 3:40PM
    (((hugs)) Hippeechiq

    popped into lidl spent £14.12

    2 x bags spuds 69p each on offer
    2x cucumbers 39p each
    2x brocoli 29p each on offer
    bananas 99p
    kingsmill £1
    diced beef steak £1.99 on offer
    mature chedder £1.69 on offer
    museli bars 69p on offer
    vanilla ice cream £1.99 on offer
    mini ice creams £1.99
    shortcake bics 29p on offer
    licorice allsorts 75p :o

    not too bad but some non essentials have crept in ;)
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