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    However, while those rich people may be willing to take a loss in order to support their club (and it really is their club), they still want to minimise that loss by making money from the regular fans. So the clubs are in business to make money, even if that money goes to the players rather than the shareholders.

    This is not necessarily true either. If you are selling a product your goal is to maximise profits.

    On the other hand it is a commonly expressed sentiment that football is too expensive for 'the working man', and I've no doubt that some owners are aware of this and squeeze the fans a little less than they otherwise could (Manchester United is probably not a very good example of this, but other clubs are more community-minded) - they have similar motivations to those of the government in providing free museum entries or subsidised arts.
  • Maybe the boy went home and was corrected by his mum/dad. We can hope.
    More likely his mum and dad tried to sue the teacher for injuring their darling offspring's fist with his face :angry:
  • Hi Martin

    I believe I know the James you mention (I work at the LSE too...) Shame I missed your visit - we've been trying to get you to come to our summer school. Maybe next year?!
    BCSC Member 70:j
  • Apart from the appalling behaviour of the pupil :mad:, the level of understanding of people is surprising. As a Press Officer for a Government body, I used to do introductory talks to new staff and used to ask 'What are newspapers for?' Very few people recognised that they were there to make money for the owners, and not necessarily to provide news as such, which is more of an afterthought. This is evident, to a greater or lesser extent, across the titles. Some, and I won't name them, carry nearly no real news but specialise in opinions which their readership enjoys, recognises and reflects. The tragedy is that we have an education system which provides an unquestioning readership for such nonsense.
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    Maybe the boy should support a club rather than a company

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