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    Never buy anything from cold callers - they are generally not the best value - and a nuisance.
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    PMSL though at who they called - couldn't have picked a worse person!
    Yes, but consider the kudos to the cold caller if she managed to sign him up!!
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    Although TPS is a help it is not the be all in preventing sales pitch calls... Okay, random dialers you can't do much about... But there is a key move you can make that will markedly make a dent (but too late if you have done it already:eek:).

    If you make ANY purchase online NEVER give your home phone. Give your mobile number. The majority of marketing companies wont fork out for the cost of the call. The only calls you'll get will be concerning your order or delivery.... It's worked for me for yonks!;)

    Martin, you should do more of these and report back on them...:rotfl:
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    I use exclusively VOIP at home, and have about 6 "home phone" numbers, of varying importance in my dial plan, different call groups, routes, hours of operation, etc. etc.

    I specifically have one number that is a "throwaway" number used for web forms, competitions, online orders, etc. It never rings any phone in the house, but gets dumped straight to voicemail after a quick notification that if they want to contact me on this number they must leave a message as the number will never be answered by a human. It provides much amusement to watch the 20-odd attempted marketing type calls come to it each and every day from 5am to 11pm! Strangely, the only messages ever left on it tend to be order delivery updates... no one else bothers :D
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  • As someone who has subscribed to the TPS service (which as you say seems to work well apart from the auto diallers) I am annoyed that when using comparasion websites recently for car insurance (specifically the one that involves little furry animals) I slipped up and instead of my usual practice of putting in a nonsense phone number into the "*required field box" I inadvertently put in my home number although I did tick the appropriate boxes showing that I only wanted to be contacted by email and not by post or phone.

    Imagine then my surprise that within seconds of the quote results appearing on screen my house phone started to ring with the "withheld number" display on answering it was a female from the AA Insurance chasing business I kindly informed her that

    a) I was registered with TPS she informed me that this was negated by the fact that I had put my details on the web comparison site

    b)I then advised that I had specifically stated on the site that I did not want any phone call responses

    Her response to this was " ah yes but you ticked the I agree with the terms and conditions of the site box". According to her this small print (which is never read) gives the site permission to disclose your phone number to third parties i.e. the actual insurance companies who are then fee to use your number without fear of any action from the TPS.

    Oh and annoyingly if you do not agree to the terms and conditions on the site then you cannot process your comparisons!!

    Definitely one to be aware of
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    Her response to this was " ah yes but you ticked the I agree with the terms and conditions of the site box".
    Surprised she argued the point TBH. These places are target driven, either in terms of keeping their job or in terms of commission, and if one fish doesn't want to bite then all they have to do is end the call quickly and call someone who probably will.
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    Connect? I wonder if that is correct, are they are anything to do with 18185? It's just that my DD for 18185 is listed as Connect Telecom UK.
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    I've had a fair few of these at work as the non allocated DDI's come through to my phone as a default (serves me right for being responsible for phones!). I've always resisted the temptation to press 2 as I was never sure I wasn't connecting to a premium rate rip off line. Thanks for letting me know who it was - saved me bothering to answer and find out!
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    WestonDave wrote: »
    I've always resisted the temptation to press 2 as I was never sure I wasn't connecting to a premium rate rip off line.
    It's a myth. You can't turn an incoming call into an outgoing call by pressing a single digit.
  • Pleased you were not rude to the caller. They are only trying to earn a crust of bread like the rest of us.
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