Postal Order gone missing

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I don't usually pay by PO, but the Ebay seller (100% feedback btw) requested it, so off it went. It now appears that the seller's address was incomplete, so I presume the PO is floating around in the ether somewhere.
Two questions; would Royal Mail return the thing to me if they couldn't deliver it and if not, is it possible to cancel the PO in some way? (it was uncrossed and I have the full receipt)
It was only for £10 but I really want the item - but not enough to stump up another tenner for it!
First and last time I pay by this method, at least I could have cancelled a cheque :mad:
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    If it is uncrossed then it is as good as cash so by now it may be sitting in someone's account. You could try seeing if the pO will cancel it, it should afterall be possible as they have individual bar code numbers now, but I suggest you do that ASAP as I'm sure once it is in the system it is lost to you.
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  • what you got to do is goto the post office and request a missing postal order form and you got to send this away with proof of inovice etc and just wait for there reply.

    I know about this cause i did this twice only a few days back.
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    It really is best to use crossed POs otherwise it is not much different to posting cash. If the seller's address is incomplete it is quite possible that it is sitting in a sorting office being puzzled over, so hopefully it will not have been cashed by someone else.
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