sansa e270

Hi there.....I need some help from one you techhies out there.

I have just bought a sansa e270 mp3 player...this is a replacement cos the 1st one occassionaly crashed on me. I hooked it up to my comp and added the firmware upgrade....bad move it would seem cos the player , after the up grade refuses to load.
I am greeted with a message ' load main image failed. Switch to Recovery Mode !!!! goes without saying I don't know how to get switch to recovery amount of pressing buttons.switching on and off etc etc gets me beyond that message. Before I send it back can someone out there help.........?? Oh yeah and there is nothing in the instruction leaflet explaining what one should do if this message appears.......
Things to do today :

1 Get Up
2 Survive
3 Go back to bed.


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