Okay so heres the deal..

Ive had my card with them for a couple of years.. and ive always been stung with late payments fees...

Never kept the statements they always went through the shredder..

So i send a cheeky letter off to ask for a refund ( without a figure).... and asking them to debit my account with £10.00 ( instead of me sending £10.00 i have no cheque book).

They come back offering £50.00 as a gesture of good will and ask for a cheque in terms of the SAR.

I sat on it, and basiclly forgot about it.. and didnt reply.

Then out of the blue yesterday get a letter exactly the same offering £110.00.

My lines of thinking now are.... it must be a hell of a lot more ( in charges ) if they have come in with £110.00, so this week am arranging for the SAR.

Just wanted to ask.. if anyone out there has any experience of store card offers... i.e. how low do they start the "negotiation at?"


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    You can either accept the offer or dind out how much total of charges actually amounts to.

    You will need to pay £10.

    They won't deduct this from your account.
    (a) I'm not sure they are allowed to
    (b) they are entitled to the money. They are not going to lend it to you.

    If you don't have a cheque book, you may be able to get a counter cheque from your bank.
    If that's not possible, you could get a postal order from the post office.
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  • Okay so i sent the SAR letter off today with the £10.. I will let you know how it goes!
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