MSE News: Crackdown on 'free' debt management firm adverts

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"Charities have welcomed new codes that will stop fee-charging firms describing their service as free ..."


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    About time. But there's still the big 'any port in a storm' problem. A lot of people would still pay even if they knew about the fees, purely because they don't know free help is out there, are desperate, and just see someone offering to get the creditors off their back. Even if they do know about the free companies, the fee charging ones have a nice little spiel to discredit them.

    Maybe all credit card/bank/loan etc statements should have something on the back saying that free help is available and listing the free companies?
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  • Beware of so called loan company's that are linked to these sharks i have just had a very nasty experience. Hard sell would be a understatement by the time he put the phone down i felt as if i had been abused. So if a loan company helpfully says we can refer you to a company that can help be aware.
  • Whilst fee paying companies keep people in debt longer as the money doesnt all go into the debts, I am still somewhat more concerned that the level of service is substandard to those by the charities. Fee companies will state no defaults/CCJs will happen, which is a lie. These companies are often late in sending payments and sometimes do not even send payments but just amass alot of fees.

    In all to many cases they make matters worse as they will give the debtor the feeling its all going to plan when things are going horribly wrong as all the creditor can see is that they are been ignored and not paid.
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  • Finally people who are already desperate and burdened because of their debts will be protected under law.Which in return will have a good impact on quality of their life,society and economy.In 21.century everyone should live human being worthwile life where no lies and selfishness would exist.We all should thank to those lawmakers and media who put effort to protect and educate other fellow human beings.:A
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