should i be worried?

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ok hi all
anyway i bought a ds game BIN yoshi touch and go for son'd christmas i bought this on monday night (ok i know only 3 days ago) anyway when i paid through paypal on optional message i wrote please let me know when you send thanks. but still no reply should i be worried about this?
Need to get rid of my Yankee Candle Habit, Not very money saving of me :)


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    I wouldn't be, not all suppliers reply to paypal messages, they just post out the goods without looking much at the paperwork, time is money!
    I love my spell checker, it stops me making all sorts of stupid smelling mistakes. :doh:
  • thanks i know im worrying or hope im worrying about nothing its just all the scams people have been through here and we have just bought a house so every penny we have is precious.and only just managed to get a credit card for the first time with £200 limit although in OH's name and he is very very wary of spending.
    Need to get rid of my Yankee Candle Habit, Not very money saving of me :)
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