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    redfan wrote:
    I have a simple Excel spreadsheet that I put together - it says that your friend would have to pay an extra 176.19 for you to receive exactly 5000. This is based on the usual 3.4% + 20p.

    doingwhatican already posted the amount earler...;)
  • Id stay well away from putting that much into any paypal account! far too risky in my opinion lol not to mention the rip off fees.
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    Don't do it! It's such a waste and paypal can be dodgy with large amounts - they think you're money laundering.
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    I tend to agree with the money laundering scenario. Read some of the other threads on here and see how seriously paypal take any hint that something might be amiss. OK, you are genuine but while you prove that your account might be tie sup in red tape for months while they go through the money laundering regulations.

    The 'limit' for triggering concerns about money laundering is around £3000, which is why the 419 scammers tend to work at that level or just below it.

    Also one last thought, this 'friend' is a flesh and blood 'known from childhood' sort of friend isn't it? Only the 419 scam works where someone befriends you and asks you to do a favour just like this.

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  • chipsdog wrote:
    My friend is paying me £5,000 into my PayPal account, so that I don't lose out she is going to pay the PayPal fees for me receiving this money - does anyone know how much these fees will be?

    Many thanks
    this may not be a help to you but if she has phone or internet banking she can call her bank to transfer money into your account free of charge.
    p.s in my experience (i do this regularly) with halifax bank of scotland my own bank but if i'm being honest i havent transferred to anyone outside hbos.
    i usually call up asking to transfer my money to x's account and they ask for account no. sort code my 2 digits from password and amount. and its completely free.
    Need to get rid of my Yankee Candle Habit, Not very money saving of me :)
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