Lloyds business, personal and credit card account charges

Hi All,

Just starting to pull our heads out of the debt sand and deal with things.

We have a personal current account, business account and personal credit card with Lloyds. Over the last few months things have gone from bad to worse and we have received major charges on all 3. The final straw was when we were getting some money transferred into the personal account to pay some rent to stop eviction, they transferred this over to the business account to pay off some of the unauthorised overdraft and subsequent charges. However, not only did they take the transfer money but also the child benefit and maxed us out on the personal authorised overdraft! :mad: We phoned them to explain the hardship and were told we had to speak to our Business Account Manager, so we asked if we could to be told that we had to write in and ask!!!!:mad:

Can anyone please give me advice as to whether we can try to reclaim the business account charges due to financial hardship? I am going to go through the template letters on here regarding the other 2 accounts.

Many thanks for your advice in advance :)


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    Have a read of the links in the sticky thread on financial hardship online resources.

    The lending code in particular mentions financial hardship in relation to 'micro enterprise'.
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